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Classic example of corruption in India!

Bofors scandal was a major scandal where 64 crores INR was misused in a arms deal. India’s investigation agency CBI investigated for several years and cleared all the names and said 250 crores INR was spent. After few years the truth is only 4.77 crores INR were spent in the investigation. It’s like making claims of spending 4 times the scandal amount for investigation but in reality, very less was spent. So what happened to the remaining 245.23 crores INR? Would the CBI investigate CBI?


Bofors Scandal – Wikipedia

CBI misled Delhi High Court that Rs 250 crore spent on Bofors probe: Supreme Court told

AWS C# Github

New accompanying Github repository!

A new Github repository has been created at https://github.com/ALightTechnologyAndServicesLimited/Internal for holding code samples for all the future content of ALight Technology And Services Limited‘s technical blog or technical videos.

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How to secure AWS account using MFA

Security Wordpress

WordPress Security And MFA!

WordPress Security And MFA!

After updating the website in December 2021 month-end to use WordPress, several internal updates and plugins were done for securing the website, improving the performance of the website. Over the past 30 days over 2,605 malicious requests were blocked using some security plugins. MFA was activated tying into Google Single-SignOn and Duo MFA. In other words logging into WordPress as admin requires Biometric authentication – YubiKey Bio. The useful plugins were Duo Two-Factor Authentication, Social Login, Social Sharing by miniOrange, Shield Security. Currently, the free versions of these plugins have enough functionality. The pro versions have many more excellent features. Sometime in the future, I might consider the pro versions. But I would highly recommend anyone using WordPress to secure your WordPress websites using these plugins. Even if you don’t have a YubiKey Bio, I would still suggest securing your installations using Duo push notifications. The installation of the plugins and configuring are very easy and stright-forward.

WordPress Security And MFA!