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Corrupted R&AW online – not associated

This particular page is to clear some misconceptions about my identity and my company and has some harsh words revealing the harsh reality of cyber terrorism by India spies.

Why would India send R&AW agents on tourists, students (Thota Veera, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya) and even diplomatic visas to frame and do identity theft? When did impersonation and identity theft become a game? Which R&AW agent did illegal immigration and lied under oath? Uttam? Srinivas? The whoever female who claims to have the first name of Kanti (stealing my identity)? Or did someone claim to be my wife or ex? I am married but separated, but to the best of my knowledge, my spouse did not spy or lie.

Please do not believe the LINE R&AW spies propaganda and whatever youtube channel of impersonators with impersonator syndrome. Not associated with any organized crime syndicates known as Hukum / All or whatever other names. Their agenda is to cover up the rogue R&AW spy’s identity theft by impersonation, propaganda and defamation. I am not part of that hate group, but the hacker/human rights violator/my impersonator (someone either claims to be me or my employee) is part of that group. They use some kind of advanced spying equipment more like an invisible drone(s) capable of recording video, images, listening, whispering and even mind-reading, they misuse the equipment for impersonation, identity theft and false propaganda.

Further details can be found at:

Corrupted R&AW online – not associated and subsections of the menu.

First and foremost, ALight Technology And Services Limited would like to thank the government of the United Kingdom and shows gratitude to the government of the United Kingdom. The registration details are absolutely correct in United Kingdom, unlike R&AW manipulation in India. Link to registration details.

First and foremost my sincere respect and gratitude to the Government of the United Kingdom. In the year 2019/2020, I tried registering a company in India and a lot of manipulation by Indian R&AW agents/hackers/identity thieves. In United Kingdom, my registration details are absolutely correct. Registration Details.

Shame on the identity thief R&AW agents who even steal my deliverables such as bank debit cards, deliveroo deliveries, amazon deliveries. Shame on the beggars, they should rather go and beg, instead of stealing. They steal things for identity theft, shameless, gutless, hopeless R&AW agents.

I have 1000’s of hours of internal CCTV footage to prove my innocence and I am not involved in their immigration/green card/money laundering or whatever other scams.

How am I responsible for shitty lies lied by the Thota and Erra /Yerra family members in whatever bullshit testimony? And whatever identity theft they did and trying to cover up. And why am I being harassed for over 5 years? Psycho, sadistic, terrorist bastards.

Order/Hukam/All extremist section of R&AW activities

First and foremost, no disrespect towards the historical Christian saint’s order. I am a Hindu but not a threat and never a threat towards any Christian. As a matter of fact, to any moral person. I am exposing immoral and corrupt people.

Equipment Misuse Usecases:

  • Hacking
  • Manipulation of emails via hacking such as providing references via email without even working.
  • Black money laundering and staying anonymous by hacking
  • IP theft
  • Source code theft
  • Pornography – I think at least one of them records sexual activities for future evil purposes such as blackmailing, asking for ransom etc… Wasn’t there something like that between two escorts and Mr. Donald Trump? Having fun with escorts is not illegal in United States and the escorts might have taken money, yet chose to blackmail when Trump ran for Presidential Elections.
  • Who knows may be people are being asked to do some small favors by blackmailing and several small favors by a lot of people becomes a major crime. For example $1 favor, 10 times by 100 milion people becomes $1 billion crime – significant.
  • Economic offenses and defaulting, in other words the entire world ends up paying for the greedy defaulters. If a bank wrote off $10 billion, how is the bank going to earn back the money? By increasing charges, increasing interest rates on loans, and decreasing interest rates on loans. In other words, the entire customer base is paying for the greedy of the few.

But such equipment should be in the hands of people with morals, ethics and core values. Not people with a criminal mindset and people who would do anything without thinking of consequences for favours or small amounts of money.

But some of the so called order/hukam/all/whatever terrorist group have miused and caused a lot of damage in several ways. In other words, they lost respect and were being called terrorist order because they are extremists. Even some of them are being called toe’s. TOE – Terrorist Order E. E here probably means the Erra/Yerra surnamed members who are extremists, they impersonate other people and use other people as shields. Gutless extremists.

Illegal immigration and shortcuts for immigration. Specifically, United States of America is the target. Because India has a huge backlog, these people take shortcuts for Green Card such as obtaining citizenship of other countries and then GC or GC by paying off some American few thousand dollars and immigrating by marriage.

The biggest comedy in the situation is the girl does not have valid stampings and passport dating back to 2003 (I have passport dating back to 2002 and passport stampings dating back to 2003) yet claims to have immigrated by marrying another illegal immigrator? WTF is wrong with everyone in believing such stories of gutless, shameless R&AW agents?

Trying to be authoritative by saying they are World Order / Hukum. I don’t understand why does the so called World Order supposed to have the most brilliant minds ask for favors for cheap things? So, the people who are asking for favors are not the genius World Order, just left bottom beggar order. In other words, R&AW agents tried to create a parallel world government but failed miserably because of their shitty deeds, they demand and command respect but their deeds need no respect. As a matter of fact, if I am a police in London, United Kingdom or in Visakhapatnam, India I would have arrested Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Erra/Yerra Karan, Thota Veera, Thota Uttam the beggar R&AW agents who are a disgrace to India and have committed multiple crimes.

Hall of Shame

The following list of people are involved in the following scams:

a) Backdoor immigration scams

b) Green card scams

c) Black money laundering & TEA (Targeted Employment Area) scam

d) Some “eye witness testimony”

  1. Misrepresentation
  2. Lying under oath
  3. Falsifying evidence – Tampering with evidence
  4. Identity theft
  5. Human rights violation for the cover-up.
  6. Part of some terrorist/human rights violation/communist/socialist group known as All/Order/Hukum.
  7. Hackers
  8. Impersonation
  9. Manipulation of RTI (Right To Information) application. Few years ago I suspected if my Engineering certificates were re-issued either name change or if lost. My surname: Arumilli, Name: Kanti Kalyan. I filed an RTI. The rogue R&AW agents did not want the truth to come out. They manipulated the application as surname was Kanti and Name was Kalyan a. Since that manipulation, many people have thought if my surname was Kanti, but no, the shameless, gutless, hopeless R&AW agents cover-up for identity theft. This is absolutely identity theft, framing, defaming, human rights violation. Which shameless bastards would manipulate RTI application? The rogue R&AW agents in some LINE group, shadow R&AW agents who manipulate courier and postal deliveries.
  10. Postal/Courier manipulation – To the best of my knowledge, in most countries postal/courier manipulation i.e stealing courier/posts sent to someone else’s address etc… are a crime.
  11. If there is any investigation, it’s a crime to cover-up / manipulate evidence and lying.

The following list of people are not associated with me or my company. They are a batch of organized crime criminals.

  1. Thota Uttam alias Arumilli Uttam (Not part of my family, R&AW agent’s alias, and multiple surnames). This guy has multiple aliases with multiple surnames. Probably ashamed of his real family and his real surname. The same guy who tried to steal my identity, assets and earnings. I even sent a letter to the IRS in United States from Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. I sincerely wish Uttam (my look alike) dies. Such a pathetic bastard, shamless low life.
  2. Bojja Srinivas alias Arumilli Srinivas (Not part of my family, R&AW agent’s alias) Probably ashamed of his real family and his real surname.
  3. Mukesh Golla
  4. Zinnabathuni Sowjanya
  5. Erra/Yerra Karan/Kareem and his supporter’s (tall and lean guys) – Another shameless, bastard and low life.
  6. Erra/Yerra Sowjanya alias Erra/Yerra Kanti and her supporters (brown skinned petite) – Both of you buy your things from Amazon instead of handling my Amazon deliveries (left bottom beggars). By the way all the females with first name of Kanti are R&AW agents and identity thieves.
  7. Multiple females with real or virtual aliases with first name of Kanti and their supporting male Kalyan’s whether it’s A/B/E/I/Y Kanti. In other words these escorts and their pimps are trying to divide my identity and attempting to steal assets etc… If they were born in normal family, grew up in normal family, they wouldn’t be this desperate and wouldn’t resort to impersonation, harassment, human rights violation. In other words, several different sluts by the name of Sowjanya (except for one particular Sowjanya) try to claim to be my wife / wives. And another group of male and female combo’s (prostitute and her pimp) known as Kanti and Kalyan’s try to steal identity.
  8. Thota Veera – For all practical purposes, he is a terrorist. Trying to cover up his elder brother Thota Uttam’s identity theft and trying to frame me as Uttam. This bastard tries to frame me as Uttam so that his brother can steal my identity. Another shameless low life.
  9. Thota Bandhavi alias Arumilli Bandhavi but not part of my family or associated my family (Multiple aliases with multiple surnames) Probably ashamed of her real family and her real surname.
  10. Some cuban thug/goon Michael Ray or Michael Vega hired by the rogue/traitor/terrorist R&AW agents. But not Dennis Vega, Dennis Vega was my friend and of cuban origin, but not him, some other socialist, communist, terrorist cuban, hired by Indian R&AW agents.
  11. Some female by the code name of “already”
  12. Some “is” – other than Soujanya Immandi, she was a batchmate in engineering, but I never even talked with her even while studying engineering. Some people say “is” means Immandi Srinivas and I don’t know Immandi Srinivas. They may be innocent or not but not associated with me or my company.

*The above list of rogue R&AW agents is not comprehensive but definitely the biggest criminals, identity thieves, dacoits, visa manipulators, human rights violators, for all practical purposes terrorists. They enetered several countries through backdoors and did illegal immigration. Using spying equipment did OTP theft for opening bank accounts and did money laundering. Some of the females in the above list might be whores, because they claim someone else as their husband. I am not their husband, may be they are ashamed of their family or husband or whores who don’t know the biological father of their kids.

They come up with stupid stories of travelling in containers or like dogs because they don’t have passport stampings or claim to have changed identity or even some cases as though married the citizen of a different country. Even in case of marriage, there should be a marriage certificate, passport stampings, appropriate visa/immigration related paperwork. Ignore any such stupid baseless stories and accusations. Similarly, let’s say if some female’s surname got changed due to marriage/divorce, how hard is it to change name on deliveries such as Deliveroo / Amazon? They are just shadow, rogue, terrorist R&AW agents.

What’s a stupid identity changing chameleon’s process? Economic offenders who default on loans or credit cards change identities to skip the repayment.

What’s a stupid percentage? Dacoits sharing the loot (stolen assets / defaulted bank loans) and sometimes use this stupid percentage propaganda to spew dirty lies and defame others.

Who is the supposed terrorist, identity thief agent “is” who claims to my identity, my educational credentials and now working in United Kingdom on my identity? Backdoor R&AW beggar agent? This is precisely what happens when India recruits R&AW agents without background financial check or character/morale check and hands powerful spying equipment. Left bottom gravity, identity thieves, asshole, terrorists. And who the F is a Sowjanya E? She claims to be me or my ex? And later married Erra/Yerra Karan the terrorist? I am a male, even U.S.A visa paperwork are on my name and I am a male. Is she claiming to be a eunuch? Or is she a prostitute with kids? Prostitutes with kids who don’t know the biological father would spin up stories. Similarly is the so-called “already”, mother of two kids also a prostitute? Nameless, Anonymous, identity thief, spying rogue R&AW bastards.

Hater, psycho, sadist, terrorist, Indian R&AW spying group onLINE – Do Not believe their propaganda – trying to cover up some major immigration / black money laundering scam. They are not who they say they are. They might even show my educational documents/identity documents/bank statements/purchases and impersonate me, but NO, I am not part of any terrorist/spying/shadow group(s). Don’t know if this has anything to do with the 2016 demonetisation of approximately INR 25,000,000,000,000 equivalent of $333.33 Billion possibly some or most of that money might have been “hawala”/money laundered overseas and brought back to India and yes such a massive amount would be a major scam. Obviously, the chain of people involved in hawala would use percentages of commission and to cover tracks/traces they would try to frame/defame other innocent people also. In some cases, dacoits would share the stolen loot in terms of percentages and would try to put blame on someone else.

The following list of web pages would clear some misconceptions:

Corrupted R&AW online – not associated
Entire family targeting one person
Hater groups terrorist links – Not associated
India! Corrupted to the core.
Personal Blog exposing criminals

Checkout the FAQ‘s about the terrorist organization.

Official Company Registration Information

Managed I.T services in Microsoft Azure, AWS!

*Hosting starting at $11.99 /annum, contact for free 30 minute

Question – 1: Which country on the planet sends its own spies on student visa, dependent visa, tourist visa and even on ambassador visa’s to harass and impersonate and steal identity of it’s own citizen?

Answer: The largest democracy, a terrorist country known as India!

Interesting? Please read… If not interesting at least read the next 1 – 2 paragraphs to know about a classic example of India’s corruption.

Bofors scandal was a major scandal where 64 crores INR was misused in a arms deal. India’s investigation agency CBI investigated for several years and cleared all the names and said 250 crores INR was spent. After few years the truth is only 4.77 crores INR were spent in the investigation. It’s like making claims of spending 4 times the scandal amount for investigation but in reality, very less was spent. So what happened to the remaining 245.23 crores INR? Would the CBI investigate CBI?


Bofors Scandal – Wikipedia

CBI misled Delhi High Court that Rs 250 crore spent on Bofors probe: Supreme Court told

Why would at least four people who are directly related to a particular person, target and harass another individual? Make false propaganda against the victim? Anyone with the surname of Thota are not directly or indirectly associated with me or my company. Yet, Thota Veera Raghava, Thota Bandhavi, Thota Naveen and some other females are involved, making false allegations and false propaganda. All of this points to the culprit – Thota Uttam. Thota Uttam might be an identity thief or immigration scammer or a female escort’s (read below for further details) pimp or money launderer. Now Thota Uttam’s wife (don’t know her name – CS / ZS / IS / ES?), 3 siblings have surrounded me and do parallel transactions and make false propaganda or in other words, for people to think as though I am the pimp uttam, but in reality, I am the victim and target of prostitution, money laundering racket. Here is the worst case they have somehow involved various officials from the Indian law enforcement – R&AW, police (allegedly CBI also). Apparently, they have some kind of a Youtube impersonator channel, my open bet – if that Youtube channel has anything to do with the name – Kanti Kalyan Arumilli or my surname – Arumilli, that Youtube channel would be the evidence against them, show me the Youtube channel, I will immediately disprove their false allegations and propaganda against me or my family and might even consider defamation case. I am enabling comments for this page for people who know about the onLINE group and their impersonator syndrome youtube channel to provide information. The so-called onLINE group is a hate group, spewing rubbish and bullshit propaganda.

I am currently in London, at Ground Floor Back Flat, 827 Harrow Road, London, NW10 5NJ since 21/04/2022.

Kensington – Earl’s court area 11/04/2022 – 21/04/2022.

What type of people would try to remain anonymous?

  1. Law enforcement (for legal reasons)
  2. Hackers (Illegal reasons)
  3. Spies (Depends on what they are doing)
  4. People who are involved in illegal activities such as money laundering, drugs, and prostitution (in countries where prostitution is not legal, in certain countries escorts are legal).
  5. Here is the biggest question? Who would try to frame someone else as being anonymous? Identity thieves who are spies.

Now if someone is claiming to be using a credit card/debit card issued on a different person’s name they are definitely doing something wrong. It’s not necessarily a crime but in some cases definitely a crime. Some people would lie saying ex’s card/friends card/spouse’s card/brother’s card etc… How hard is it to ask your family members/friends/spouse/ex to transfer money into your bank account? In such false claims, I think they are either impersonating/ in some cases – misleading investigation, if any investigation is happening/using stolen cards / opened bank accounts via OTP theft or by hacking emails. As far as I am concerned, my personal, business bank accounts, my purchases are on my own name – Kanti Kalyan Arumilli.

Only the terrorist group members onLINE make claims to be using debit/credit cards on someone else’s names in other words – chains, stolen cards, accounts opened via hacking / OTP theft / false documents. In other words economic offenders. These people might make claims to be part of some secret society and make demands and demand respect and the secret society’s name might be Order / Hukum / Aagya but none of the activities of this secret society deserves any respect. Anyway only people who fall for propaganda might do favours for them, but any person with common sense and being able to distinguish between doing the right thing vs the wrong thing would not do favours for them. The ability to distinguish good from bad, doing right things from wrong things and common sense sets us (humans) apart from any other species on planet earth.

I am single in London (my spouse lives in India), with no girlfriend or affairs. I don’t have EAD / GreenCard in U.S.A. Although GreenCard was filed by my past employer TSYS Acquiring Solutions L.L.C, I resigned in 2016 and moved back to India in 2017. I never did any kind of illegal immigration in the past, now and never in the future. I don’t have any kind of long-term illegal plans like some people who try to immigrate illegally by hook or crook.

I am not part of any “process” of switching / exchanging/changing identities of the so-called terrorist order e’s (toe’s). I have a large career gap because of identity theft, impersonation, harassment, targeted hacking. They hope to convince me to change my identity or whatever, but that will never happen, over 6 years of harassment and identity theft. They tried to bribe me with money, they tried to lure me with girls, they tried to scare me with murder threats and attempts, but I won’t succumb to pressure from anarchists online.

As of today, there are no other employees in ALight Technology And Services Limited. I am the founder and the only employee, trying to make progress but some communist/socialist/criminal / terrorists/identity thieves/dacoits/spies/hackers are causing some trouble online.

The problems caused by these people, irrespective of whether they are living in their own country or a different country:

  1. economic offences. It’s never wrong to help the needy and the fallen brothers. But never help the greedy. The greedy don’t contribute to society in terms of adding value to the society/economy / GDP yet commit economic offences such as defaulting on loans, credit cards etc… and become a burden on society. Such people should never be encouraged. If a certain person defaults on a loan or credit card, who is paying? The banks would directly or indirectly make up for the losses by charging higher fee/cost-cutting such as layoffs / increasing interest on future loans / reducing interests on deposits. In other words, entire society is paying for the greedy’s economic offences. Do not encourage such people. In a worst-case scenario they become a plague, infecting more and more people with greed, having more and more people involve in economic offenses and ultimately a large negative impact on the country’s economy and the world economy. They are like a cancer of planet earth or can even be compared to leaches / pathogens.

As of now, there are no clients, if there are any clients, the clients section of this website would be updated.

These rogues might and have created propaganda that the equipment belongs to “Five Eyes”. DO NOT trust. “Five Eyes” consists of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States. – Reference: India is not part of Five Eyes, yet every involved stupid stop words are Indians: as, is, to whatever… Moreover when United States is infiltrated by R&AW agents, why would CIA put such an equipment in the hands of the rogue identity thieves R&AW agents and harass an innocent civilian? In my personal opinion, the Five Eyes are not involved. The dacoit gang are creating mispropaganda to gather some support among foreigners. Once they get enough foreigners involved, everyone else would assume Five Eyes are involved. IMHO Five Eyes are not involved. The cunning, gutless, shameless, hopeless, anonymous R&AW agents are the culprits.

Another website hosted and maintained by me on the same server as this website:

I am clean, my company is clean. I don’t mind going through an audit of my personal finances and my companies finances. Do not believe the impersonator’s propaganda in some online group.

I am born India in Mumbai on 24th November 1980, grew up in Andhra Pradesh, India and studied bachelor’s in India. Currently, my parents live in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India and my permanent address (my parent’s address) is on all of my identity documents (including my current passport issued in 2017, have 2 older expired passports). Between 2003 and 2005 I studied at the University of New Hampshire, U.S.A and dropped out after 3 semesters. I went on a valid F1 visa. I worked as TA and paid taxes, my IRS tax records prove the fact. Later, I went to the U.S.A on a valid H1B visa and worked between 2008 and 2016. I paid my taxes, my IRS and Bank of America records prove the facts. In 2020, I went to London, U.K on a valid Tier-4 visa for studying M.B.A. Currently, I hold a valid Graduate Route Visa for the United Kingdom. As far as immigration is concerned, I am clean. My U.S.A bank account, India bank account, U.K based business bank account are clean. No money laundering/ransoms (Some people take ransoms and say the sender shared money). My current passport issued in India – R4542950. Expired passports: E2079230 (Issued in 2002), G4304935 (Issued in 2007). No name changes or surname changes.

I am not part of any popularity contest – whatever stupid popularity contest about the impersonation of identities and encouraging of identity theft is a cover-up for identity thieves. Only rogue terrorists, scammers would encourage such illegal activities.

BTW, I am not associated with any kind of secret organization/mafia/propaganda known as (dis)”order”. I know and heard about “Law and Order” as in law enforcement but not a dictatorship – command and control, military-style top to bottom (no questions asked, no answers given) type of (dis)”order”. And whatever the hype-up to cause failure under the code word “origin”.

Some people from Indian law enforcement agencies who have sexual affairs and have taken bribes (Some police, some C.B.I, some Indian R&AW agents) have the very cunning mentality and have performed targeted hacking, targeted identity theft, dirty money laundering, did some sex trafficking, ran brothel houses and related money laundering. Somehow one of those rogues has used my identity and now I am the target of the rogue R&AW odour skunks. To the best of my knowledge, my family is not the only target, several other people have been harassed, land grabbing, illegally occupying land / houses, demanding bribes have happened. Currently, India has version 2.0 of corruption. Few years ago, police used to demand ransom only if you get caught doing something illegal or government officers asked bribes if you needed their help. Now in corruption version 2.0, it’s like the corrupted law enforcement whether it’s police / C.B.I / R&AW they would demand a bribe or will threaten of framing in some crime or worst case create false evidence and allegations. There are at least 20 or more such people involved around me. They talk in terms of percentages i.e how much each would get from the bribe/ransom/loot. Just like a gang of dacoits sharing the loot.

In a hypothetical scenario:

  1. A influential group ((R&AW) – FBI – hint: 2016 elections) member did a identity theft, now they don’t want that to be revealed. What would they do? Logic says – Create a hype around the identity, so that hundred’s or thousands of people would fall for the hype and impersonate.
  2. If the original person registered a company, that influential group needs much more impersonators, they create much more hype. Now much more people would try to claim to be employees and as though having equity in the company. Or in other words, in some toxic situations, hype can be created for downfall. Ofcourse, if the hype-creator, identity thief steals identity, they would be happy to share whatever x% with the people who fell for the hype and helped in identity theft.
  3. Why did I hint the FBI in the 1st paragraph? 2016 U.S.A elections being hacked by Russia is more about using influence to meddle with the democracy of the United States of America. In my own personal research (I am not an American or FBI, but harassed my own countries traitors), I think India meddled with 2016 elections. (Personal opinion – not a conclusion or a statement – if Indian R&AW meddled with U.S.A elections, they might have tried to help Democrats, (the immigration friendly political party) not the Republicans. – Personal opinion not necessarily a statement). And I am not making any statements of any political party seeking help from the R&AW agents. Because R&AW agents want friendlier immigration rules to enter the U.S.A via illegal immigration, they might have choosen to influence the elections and might have tried to support the immigration friendly political party. I had to do some personal research and some analytical decisions because my personal, professional, financial life has been damaged beyond recoverable because of Indian R&AW involvement. I sent several emails to the F.B.I, U..S.C.I.S, I.R.S etc… but most likely my emails ended up in spam or trash (Spam and Trash, that’s how 9/11 whistle blowers hints and reports ended up as per some controversial theorists) God save America (No one ever wants another 9/11) (honesly, now I don’t care, got reejected 3 times, On August 6th 2021, I was rejected and the reason the visa officer told was – “I have to agree with my coleagues in Hyderabad, You don’t have enough reason!” – I wanted to pursue dual degree at Hult International Business School, I went for student visa after graduating in London in 1st degree in M.B.A and the visa officer thought that wasn’t enough reason.)

Do not read further if you don’t like harsh words, but if you want to know the harsh reality and the harsh truth, please read.

R&AW – Research And Analysis Wing – India’s spying agency. Because they are spies, they use alternative identities and impersonate someone else and operate from the shadows. They have a very sophisticated, advanced invisible drone capable of viewing, recording, screenshotting, whispering, hearing and even mind-reading capabilities. The theory is slightly advanced brain scanning equipment, then inputting the brain scans into A. I and with enough data, the A. I would be able to have mind-reading capabilities. This is pretty similar to A.I based self-driving cars, image detection, voice to text, with enough data such a piece of equipment and technology is possible. I have asked a question on qoura a discussion forum for ways to protect from such equipment:

A group of at least 12 R&AW agents have gone rogue and have been harassing, violating human rights, impersonating, doing wrong propaganda, stealing identity, targeted hacking for identity theft etc… Because of them, I faced significant physical health, mental health, reputation, career, financial damages. Even now, I started my own company and they mess with false propaganda to create a negative reputation and even targeted hacking, source code theft, parallel coding etc…

  1. Who would change identities? – Morning, Evening whatever stoopidity?
    1. Undercover law enforcement – but the temporary identity would be temporary, not permanent.
    2. Criminals such as murderers, rapi*ts, terrorists etc…
    3. But I am none of the above. An Indian law enforcement officer or a spy (R&AW agent) who was supposed to temporarily use my identity for whatever reason went rogue. Or my identity thief must be a criminal, whom if caught might sentenced to death or lifetime. Mr. Bojja Srinivas, Mr. Thota Uttam, Mr. Mukesh Golla which of the above categories do you belong to, if you are the identity thief.
  2. Theory of visa extensions:
    1. I worked in United States of America on valid H1B visa at LogicPlanet LLC, TSYS Acquiring Solutions, American Airlines. ESS – Enterprise Software Solutions H1B transfer was approved, but I did not join, because I moved back to India by then. One of the above companies might not have dropped the visa but instead choose to extend the visa and there by the primary reason for 5 years of harassment and human rights violation by the rogue Indian R&AW agents who might have stolen the visa extensions and are creating chaos and harassment to cover-up.
  3. Theory of backdoor entries:
    1. I too don’t know what’s a backdoor entry, but based upon my research into the situation, some R&AW agents go to different countries on different visas such as tourist, pilgrim, seasonal worker (construction) (may be even L1 or B1) etc… and steal the identities of other Indian’s who are working on valid visas. And to cover-up they harass the target, whose visa was stolen. Shame on India and shame on Indian R&AW! That’s precisely why I think Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization, harassing the same people whom they are supposed to protect. Based upon the group of people involved someone by the name of Uttam / Utham (Possibly his surname might be Thota because at least 3 other Thota surnamed people are involved), Mukesh Golla might be the visa manipulators. And may be for anonymising me, they might have created some faker identities under my surname Arumilli Uttam, Arumilli Srinivas, Arumilli Karan etc… In a very worst case scenario, the cowards might be framing me as Uttam. The whatever parallel transactions, whatever Youtube impersonator’s syndrome, there is a possibility that the cowards (I would rather call them as eunuch, because even girl’s nowadays have more bravery, I am a male and I am brave enough) (Going forward, I would call United States as the land of the brave and India the land of the cowards (unfortunately, I am an Indian citizen 🙁 )) might be trying to frame me. If this is the scenario – the target would be I used to have LifeLock few years ago, when I noticed identity theft patterns, that’s when I realized that framing / defaming is probably for LifeLock and at that time, I moved back to India, I reported the same to LifeLock and canceled my account. Participating in that fraud’s plan would be like acting dead for life insurance money. These people have made a career out of crime, like scumbags on planet earth, they are like leeches on the society. When you do insurance fraud or skip on loans or default on credit cards, the banks and insurance make that money back by increasing rates / premiums. In other words every common, innocent civilian is paying for their crime. Instead why don’t they rather beg.
  4. Theory of female:
    1. How would a female earn black money and do money laundering? I have a very bad theory, but you can form your own opinion. And what if the female somehow convinced a R&AW agent to help her and the R&AW agent choose the female’s whatever favors over harassing an innocent citizen to help her in money laundering? I am thinking more in terms of se*ual favors. Another reason to say Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization violating human rights and India is a terrorist country.
    2. And because the female never traveled, she might be claiming of marrying some Mexican or American. Doesen’t matter what kind of bullsh*t theories, because eve in those cover-up stories there is illegal immigration. In other words even with bullsh*t stories they can’t prove anything, because this is a classic case of identity theft, harassment, human rights violation and illegal immigration.
  5. Theory of alternate Sowjanya’s:
    1. There might be some other pros*itute Sowjanya with a surname of B, C, D, E, Z etc… who might have did some money laundering and needed a cover of white money trail for cover-up. My Sowjanya Konudula became Sowjanya Arumilli after marrying me (Kanti Kalyan Arumilli). We got seperated sometime in August 2019 but never divorced. I don’t have nor ever had an ex. Some low life might claim to have had a divorce settlement, but in reality whoever is that low life is not my ex and most likely the rogue R&AW agent’s sl*t. My 76 year old dad might have been harassed and this bi*tch might have took some ransom. And most likely the so-called settlement money is the female’s black money. What kind of services did she offer that are not legal and can’t give a proper reason to the government? S*xual pleasure?
    2. And there is even some rumor of my ex / current being some Pakistani citizen. No, I don’t have an ex. My spouse is an Indian citizen, we got seperated, but not divorced. She lives and works in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I do have few friends from Pakistan, whom I met while pursuing M.B.A at Hult International Business School, London between 2020 and 2021. They are normal civilians. And I believe in cultural diversity. My company even has a Equality, diversity and inclusion policy.
  6. Dog Travel / Container Travel:
    1. Who on planet earth travels like a dog? Hypothetically let’s say an Indian R&AW agent for whatever reason traveled as a dog. Let’s say hypothetically Indian airport security allowed the R&AW agent. What happened to TSA and U.S.A immigration officials? Why would they allow a spy to travel like a dog? So dog theory is just propaganda to cover-up identity theft because the so called dog travelers or shipping container travelers would not have stampings on their passports. Just stupid cover up faker stories. Need more evidence to say Indian R&AW agents are identity thieves and harass the targets and violate human rights? WTF is a “Yuva”? The so called “Yuvas” gamified identity theft. Which country on planet earth would send a ambassador for identity theft? The grand answer: India. Need more proof to say that Indian R&AW violated human rights and R&AW is a terrorist organization and that India is a terrorist country?
  7. Theory of game of impersonation, upgrades and downgrades:
    1. In the so-called game of impersonation, the terrorists harass the target, in my case, I am being harassed for over 6 years, either the real person gives up succumbing to pressure or the identity thieves successfully steal identities. A code word within the communities of criminals – getting upgraded and / or takeover of accounts. In other words ransoms, harassment, impersonation, identity theft and gamifying identity theft to walk away without consequences. No a crime is a crime and always a crime, no matter whether you call the crime a game or give some other names such as getting upgraded / downgraded. In this identity theft impersonation game (crime), if a person steals the identity of another person, the impersonator would be considered to have been upgraded and the victim has been downgraded. Now why and who would impersonate other people? May be people with loans, may be people who have some past criminal records, may be the less fortunate. We are living in a society, the society has established some standards to help the less fortunate and help the fallen brothers. All of these so-called players are greed and they are committing a crime!

If the rogue R&AW agent instead took commissions from the s*x worker, can the rogue R&AW agent be called a pimp? So, the rogue R&AW couple must be PGP – A techie like me would think Pretty Good Privacy, but in this context Pimp, Gig*lo, Prosti*ute.

I heard about some kind of parallel law in some kind of online group. If they are the culprits they are not law they are anarchists. “online law” is “online anarchy” of hackers, OTP thieves, anonymous ass*oles impersonating other people. More like chi*d porn, revenge p*orn, money launderers, terrorists, smugglers, drug paddlers etc… like mafia but not mafia, more like mushtia (beggars union association). R&AW – operating from shadows, in other words, Indian R&AW agents are trained to be impersonators. When one R&AW agent goes rogue, the rest of the R&AW agents are supposed to do damage control, but in this context, the rest of R&AW did damage expansion.

Last but not the least, which country on planet earth would try to kill its own citizens to protect someone who might have went on a tourist visa and might have illegally worked as an escort or stripper? And which intelligence agent on planet earth would help the escort/stripper to cover up by harassing, impersonating, helping in identity theft, impersonator syndrome on whatever Youtube channel etc…?

I have a passport issued by the Government of India back in 2002 what is the earliest identity document that the female pro*titue identity thief Kanti / Kanthi have? I have a valid 10th class certificate issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India issued in 1996 stating that I am a male. If the female claims to have changed sex, where are operation related details or where the operation related marks on her body? (There would be some kind of surgical related body marks) Also, my United States of America bank account in the United States has me (Kanti Kalyan Arumilli) and Sowjanya Konudula as the account holders. If the so-called female Kanti is claiming to be a lesbian, please remember that same-sex marriage is illegal even today in India.

Female Kanti / Kanthi and the rogue R&AW agent who has sex*al favours weakness just go and surrender instead of harassing me.

Shame on Indian R&AW agents for living a gutless, shameless, hopeless life by impersonating. And obviously, because they are impersonators would have impersonator syndrome.

Because of these culprits, I have been jobless for the past 5 – 6 years, thanks to my parents and my elder sister, I was able to pursue an M.B.A and try to re-build my career. Even while studying M.B.A, while working on my own startup, while trying to find a job, you R&AW bastards have been harassing me and doing false propaganda. Is your sl*t that important?

And there is this alternative theory of some secretive organization known as Odour! As far as I know, odour means bad smell! I don’t like a bad odour. And I don’t have a bad odour  and I don’t like girls with bad odour 

As far as I am concerned I have had the same signature since at least 2002. My first passport (expired) issued in 2002, has the same signature. My PAN, second passport (expired), current passport, PAN card, U.K student visa BRP card have the same signature. If an Indian R&AW shadow agent did a signature scam and continued the impersonation for identity theft for 5+ years, the R&AW agent can be and should be considered as a criminal. If that’s how R&AW agents operate i.e choose a certain Indian citizen as a target and hide in the shadow, harass the targeted Indian citizen just because they don’t want to be caught and for personal reasons, Indian R&AW should be considered and should be treated as a terrorist organization for violating human rights. For all practical purposes, the Indian citizen whom the R&AW agent has chosen to shadow for a lifetime is being harassed (In my case, I am being harassed) and the harassment is so much that human rights are being violated. If there is any truth in the above statement, I am not the only victim, there are millions of victims, I am one of the gutsy people to speak up in spite of several hundreds of death threats and a few murder attempts. If millions of Indian citizens are being impersonated, harassed, framed by R&AW agents – shame on India(the largest democracy on planet earth) for violating human rights. If there is any truth in the above statement Mr. Samantha Goel can be and should be considered like Osama Bin Laden.

I don’t have any association with the following list of shadows, impersonators, terrorists who act as though my money is theirs by handling my deliveries or showing my things and imposter syndrome. Some of the following list of people were my friends, but not any more.

  • Bojja Srinivas
  • Bhattaru Sowjanya
  • Arumilli Sowjanya (if she claims to have born in the Arumilli family, because I don’t have any sisters by the name of Arumilli Sowjanya. My wife became Arumilli Sowjanya by marrying me, not by birth.)
  • Thota Uttam
  • Thota Bandhavi
  • Thota Veera Raghava
  • Thota Naveen
  • Erra surnamed people
  • Mukesh Golla
  • Kamal Anand Jigatala (Might not be an impersonator as long as he is Kamal Anand Jigatala)
  • Zinnabathula Sowjanya
  • C Sowjanya
  • E Sowjanya
  • Anybody with a surname of E
  • Karan / Kamalakar / Karunakar – whatever the rogue R&AW terrorists name (Most likely a relative of Mukesh Golla and the worst of the harssers). One of the rogue R&AW Sowjanya’s might be directly related to Mukesh Golla – don’t know the relationship. Most likely his surname is Erra or a variant such as Yerra or Era or something like that.
  • There is no one in my family by the name of Arumilli Karan or Arumilli Srinivas or Arumilli Uttam or Arumilli Kamal or Arumilli Anand or anyone by the name of Sai (Have some relatives and friends but not necessarily part of my immediate family).
  • Any other female with a surname or first name of Kanti / Kanthi
  • I Srinivas or Sowjanya

I am considering them as traitors of India based on the following reasons:

  1. When they took up the duty as a law enforcement / C.B.I / R&AW agent they would have promised to protect India, but instead they harassed a 76 year old retired civilian (My Dad, who was a government employee and has been honest in his entire life), 65+ year innocent housewife (My mom) and me.
  2. Harassment for personal reasons and personal gains.
  3. False allegations and false evidences.

India can consider me as a traitor for exposing the R&AW agents, but I am exposing corruption. A patriot fight shows resilience irrespective of how many murder attempts and threats. I am definitely patriotic, I don’t want my country to end up like Cuba –

I am not associated with the so-called online whatever group of anonymous spies. Because they are spies, they shadow someone and claim to be someone else without revealing their real identity. One of the rogue spies is shadowing me and harassing me, but I am not involved nor part of that dirty group of whatever online group. This group claims to have begged or asked for vaatas (share), but in reality this group of anonymous hacking spies, OTP thieves take ransom. And these people say give/take. Even a beggar on street takes.

My financials are clean, no vaata (ransom) or money laundering. Please do not trust the online group of false propaganists.

The registration details are absolutely correct. Never corrupt! I know there is a hate group of some R&AW spies who are identity thieves and trying to distort reality. Either a female R&AW agent who claims to have first name of Kanti or Bojja Srinivas or some person by the name of Uttam or someone with a surname of E has done identity theft related to United States immigration / Green Card and some TEA – Targeted Employment Area scam. To cover that up, they spread rumours and hatred and even tried to disintegrate my identity and have even created some rumors by framing me as Kalyan / Uttam / Kamal and whatever is an “okay” and some code name “a”. In other words, identity theft did happen, they are trying to cover-up. In the process they have lied, violated human rights, misused surveillance equipment, spread rumors, did defamation, impersonated, hacked, spied, violated privacy and did signature scams etc… The list of their crimes is endless. They might handle my couriers, and deliveries and show off in whatever LINE group and Youtube channel and they might be mixing some of their own purchases with mine. In few instances they even stole some of my e-commerce purchases, deliveries and courier. And there is no game of identity theft to win identities. They are just criminals who gamified identity theft and impersonation and tried to cover up by framing me as a “game of identity theft player”. In reality I have an expired passport dating back to 2002, official educational documents dating back to 1996. All of my educational, banking, identity, employment, and immigration-related documents are on the same name and same surname. To the best of my knowledge, identity theft is a crime in every country on planet earth or at least most countries. The so-called “already”, “a”, “again”, “e”, “thota, erra surnamed people” go and win some jail time and I am hoping they would spend the rest of your life in a real jail.

They create some fake propaganda about some groups – “All” / “Hukum” etc… but I am not part of those groups. Those groups are either organized crime units (who would rotate on immigration visas? which human would travel like a dog? who would use credit cards/debit cards in someone else’s name? who would get deliveries/couriers on someone else’s names and addresses? What is a morning/evening identity exchanging scam? Loan defaulters, criminals might be trying to get away from crimes or identity thieves propaganda about morning/evening identity exchange scam. – They are either organized crime group members doing economic offences or spewing lies or both.) or R&AW spies who use fancy terms for anonymity. I have not participated in whatever scams and stupid criminal games because I have career, ambitions, excellent past employment record, clean money, clean financials. Whoever is trying to claim my identity and trying to steal my identity must have been a failure or a criminal and trying to get away.

NOT Associated with R&AW spies/shadows/liars/haters /impersonators / human rights violators / postal and courier manipulators / hukam / order / all / terrorist order / parallel government onLINE – whoever is an E or Thota or TV or Uttam or Bojja or Srinivas or Zinnabathuni or “IS” or “BS” or “ES” or “EK” or “EKa” or “ok” or “okay” or Karan/Kamalakar/Diwakar or Mukesh Golla or any people associated with code words of “already” or “just” or “again” or “a” or any female who claims to be Sowjanya Arumilli by birth or any female with a first name of “Kanti” or any B/C/E/I/Z Sowjanya’s. I have no clue about the code name – “so”.

*Some of the above identities might be virtual identities of rogue R&AW agents who use someone else’s name and someone else’s addresses for anonymity purposes/identity stealing / false propaganda / worst case and shameful (shame on India!) situation of loan defaults.

*Some of the above-mentioned members were my engineering classmate(s) and batchmate(s) between 1998 – 2002. And some or most or all of the people mentioned above have violated human rights and can be considered as terrorists and traitors.

IMPORTANT: If there is any female with a first name of “Kanti”, and has anything to do with U.S.A / U.K / Canada immigration, she is definitely the rogue R&AW spy identity thief. The other probable identity thieves are: Uttam or Bojja Srinivas or Mukesh Golla.

And the female R&AW agent needs to frame someone as a “ok” or “okay” or “oray” or whatever because the female with the first name of “Kanti” is an identity thief and needs to frame someone or make some absurd claims.

Some of the greedy/criminal people have accepted to act as the so-called non-existent “ok” or “okay” for getting access to the advanced spying equipment – peeping toms, because the female controls the spying equipment.Simple and striaghtforward logic.

*Very less probability but one or two, if any, of the above-mentioned people might be innocent, but of course, it’s hard to catch the chameleon identity exchanging R&AW agents who use look-alikes for disguise, impersonation for anonymity. In very rare cases they even hire thugs like some cuban Michael Ray or whatever, sometimes bribe innocents, specifically people who might be going through financial hardships and ask for seemingly innocent favors but ultimately a big crime.

Some or most of the above mentioned people are part of some kind of a hate group. This group of hooligans/thieves / dacoits/identity thieves who violate human rights and might steal assets and properties, and for cover-up create stories of no-existing identities or illegal iimigration stories or dog travel / container travel/air hostess travel, either way, they are identity thieves who make baseless accusations, try to distort other people’s identities for the purpose of identity theft and even make a game of identity theft about winning identities i.e identity theft/impersonation. This is an international criminal organization, I have fought against for the past 5+ years and now, I am fighting against the criminal organization. Do NOT believe their propaganda and baseless accusations. And whoever are the female(s) who claims to be living with me or my ex or girl-friend or whatever are also just liars. ALight Technology And Services Limited does NOT support the impersonators / terrorists / communists / socialists who might have did some money laundering directly or indirectly. ALight Technology And Services Limited does NOT negotiate with terrorists, bribes / ransom would not be paid i.e no terrorist funding from ALight Technology And Services Limited or the founder & CEO Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli (Me, myself). I don’t have any employees or trainees or interns or clients, so no problem in those aspects.

Me or my company are not associated with the LINE thieves or anyone of the following:

  1. Not associated with any female with a name of Sowjanya, except for one particular person who lives and works in Hyderabad, India.
  2. Not associated with anyone with the name of Sowmya.
  3. Not associated with anyone with the name of Uttam
  4. Not associated with anyone with the name of Bojja Srinivas (was a friend long time ago) or any A. Srinivas or I. Srinivas or K. Srinivas, Thota Veera, Thota Uttam, Thota Bandhavi or any other Bandhavi, Erra/ Yerra surnamed people or Karan/Kareem/Karunakar/Diwakar / Kamalakr or Mukesh Golla or Sowjanya Zinnabathuni.
  5. Not associated with any person by the name of Kamal in United Kingdom. One of my close friend’s name is also Kamal, but he lives in India!
  6. Not associated with Anna Bianca Jones (MBA classmate 2020 – 2021)
  7. Not associated with the British who looks a little like Annabel Bryson (MBA classmate 2020 – 2021) and even perhaps impersonates Annabel Bryson.
  8. Not associated with Helene Smart (Professor at Hult International Business School) or her look-alike – Sophie Bacon? If Helene Smart is involved in the cyber-terrorism / human rights violation, she would probably be the most ethicless, morally corrupted professor considering that I have been her student (2020 – 2021).

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like some of the the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated – “ass”, eass, female “es”, “eka”, “ok”, “okay”, “is”, “erra”, yerra, karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, sowmya, zinnabathuni, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998 – 2002), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998 – 2002), thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas or Arumilli uttam (may be they are part of a different Arumilli family – not my family).

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO
Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO

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