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Advanced, unified, consistent search engine for any website, with content from your own website(s), blog(s).

Minimum Viable Product launched!

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TagLine: Seamless advanced search across your website(s).

Concept: Every website has plenty of content. Some companies / corporations / charities / government organizations have multiple websites and some charities and government organizations are inter-related. WebVeta unifies search experience across all micro sites of companies, corporations, inter-related websites. Even indexing content from images, word documents, pdf’s etc…Much more in the plans such as even content promotion etc…

Many more NLP/A.I based features, integrations with youtube, podcasts, social media, various useful add-ons are planned.

Content creators, SMEs, Government Organizations create content. Much of the content stays hidden. Google and Bing shows the top content from entire world. How do you show content from your own website(s), blog(s), social media, podcasts, videos on your websites and that too in a relevant and user-friendly way? That’s what WebVeta does. Copy and paste 2 – 3 lines of HTML, sit back and relax, WebVeta does the rest!

Businesses can retain customers or convert visitors into customers by allowing them to find appropriate, useful information. Less customer hazzles and less customer care frustration for information that’s already present on your websites / blogs / social media.

Inter-related Government organizations can enable cross-site search.

Business partners can cross-promote services and products.

Youtube Playlist of WebSearch videos.

Blog Posts related to WebSearch.

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO
Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO

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Founder & CEO, Lead Full-Stack .Net developer

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