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Disclaimer: Do NOT believe propaganda of R&AW spies who enacted br*thel mafia! They have a invisible spying drone equipment capable of video camera i.e seeing video, screenshots, listening & speakers – whispering, making sounds etc.. & mind-reading. The equipment is in the hands of sl*ts, p*mps, low-life, low self-esteem, jealous, hatred people. Some people have created stories of virtual concumbine’s, virtual affairs, virtual living in relationships and even as though controlling and “obey”. If they yell / whisper – “obey”, are they expecting me to stop working on my startup, no, I do what I need to do. Similarly if they prompt the next few words like auto-completion feature, just means they are predicting based on English grammar. Now let me explain some interesting hillarious terms (Read and have a good laugh)

Chithakaarthi kukka – a h*rny s*ductress who does perverted things like peeping into bedrooms and bathrrooms of men! Entire equipment LINE LIED group are chithakaarthi kukka’s

Invisible camera of p*rnographer – obvious!

They tried to steal my identity in exchange for 1 or 2 girls – hmmmm, sl*t supplying p*mps!

When you are in the middle off a conversation and when about to say “yes”, they utter some random non-sense and they think as though the “yes” for them – fools, who don’t understand the context. “alpasanthoshulu” – people who giggle even for nothing! And then they yell non-sense i.e as though they are commanding / dictating or whatever, I will tell the reason and I will explain how large the scam might be!

They are doing identity distortion on purpose! If everyone’s identity gets destroyed, no one can even file a police complaint because the integrity and the identity of the victim gets questioned. Let’s look at some tactics used and how they are using the invisible spying drones equipment:

  1. Framing people of a different caste / religion – identity distortion.
  2. Someone enacting someone else’s parents or spouses – part of identity distortion
  3. Distorting career i.e stealing experience letters, hacking, raising false invoices – identity distortion

Why are they doing identity distortion? Obviously, covering up something big!

I don’t know about whatever illegal immigration / p*ostitution “eye witness testimony” of whatever LINE LIED group, I don’t know them, but they spied on me, enacted, hacked, did identity distortion, did identity theft etc…

Based on some rumours:

  1. Why would srinivas or uttam or mukesh work on my identity? No, they didn’t. Even if they did, somewhere else. My LinkedIn has my work history and I have paid my own taxes. – Even if srinivas or uttam workked, probably odd jobs or even if software jobs, they might have worked elsewhere and they didnt want to reveal, they probably didn’t pay taxes – they knew I worked and started enacting, harassing, even stole some work experience letters.
  2. How does a female travel in containers or like a dog in a flight or marry someone but no marriage certificate or photos or videos? Female p*stitution case probably! If female fakers B/E/I kanta’s married “O” can they show “O”‘s identity docs or marriage cert? When did supposed Mexican/American meet the s*uts? Did the s*uts go to Mexico/America and marry? Are there passport stampings? Dod “O” come to India? Does “O” have passport and stampings? Do they have marriage certificates?

Even in their comedy stories they are criminals! They are obviously covering something big!

+91-789-362-6688 / +1-480-347-6849 / +44-3333-03-1284

India Passport: Y1475761

8092-1430-1040 – Aadhar

NOT associated with R&AWMAAfia – (Research & Analysis Wing) + (Movie Artists Association) did organized crime, mafia style: (BTW, there are a lot of people with surnames mentioned in the below list, but few of them are culprits)

  • Thota Uttam (Culprit)
  • Bojja Srinivas (was a friend – now jealous loser)
  • Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi, Thota Yesupadam (Probably siblings and father of the culprit!)
  • e / erra / yera / yerra surnamed people
  • Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakar
  • es, ass, ok, okay, ko, is, bs, already, eka, o
  • Zinnabathuni, Bhattaru, esther or ester or whatever

I am NOT part of the so-called on LINE group! – Impersonators / Shadows / Stalkers group! They are haters and jealous failures. They are a gang of illegal immigrators, black money launderers and they try to enact others, shadow / stalk etc… They are some kind of economic offenders. Even in their propaganda – they use the term – “binaami”, “binaamis” are econmic offenders per India’s law – they are probably “binaamis” they try to frame others or enact or whatever – either way, they are just economic offenders.


Vichakshana gyanam leni manishi, pasuvu tho samanam.


A human who does not have common sense is equivalent to an animal.

Mafia = all = black cloud of money launderers, extortion.

container stories = money launderers = identity thieves = mafiomnicron.

Hint: R&AW operates outside of India, India not part of “five eyes”. This equipment being used for organized crime = mafia, they seem to have Pakistan ties == ISI???

The powerful spying equipment belongs to mafia, and the equipment was mis-used in several ways:

  1. Identity Distortion
  2. Social Injustice, based on propaganda
  3. Framing other people
  4. Shadowing / Stalking
  5. Blackmailing – Making people do favors i.e lie, do small favors etc…
  6. Extortion

Here are some clues: What type of woman would claim someone else as her ex / husband / parents / family?

How desperate are people to get away from loan defaults by claiming to be living elsewhere and to the point of no self-respect and travelling like dogs?

Now, I can narrow down to 3 culprits, two of the culprits were my engineering batchmates. 1) Bojja Srinivas 2) Mukesh Golla 3) Uttam – don’t know surname, probably Thota Uttam.

Whoever this “e”/erra/”e.s” who lied under oath in whatever “eye witness” testimony, must be a psycho/stalker/terrorist. I am NOT associated with her / them. Me or my family have no obligation for covering up for her lies or whatever.

Some people are being framed as all, because Mafia wants to create false leverage by making some false accusations.

ScamAlert: Apparently someone raised an invoice without my consent and transferred money into their own personal bank account! The very definition of a scam! Please don’t fall for scams. The invoice must have been raised by the identity thief or the slut.

I am choosing to stand against the R&AWMAAfia terrorists rather than succumbing to pressure. I am patriot, not traitor. If R&AW did identity theft – how many such identity theft’s in the past, how many in the future? Stealing the identities of successful Indian citizens – They are the traitors of India”

Identity distortion for inviting terrorists into country and taking bribes for importing terrorists is the act of traitors. Creating false identities is an act of terrorism!

Cash transactions = Counterfeited money, signature forgery, (why would person tb / tu / tv / ed / es / bs signature be on the name of kka? – signature forgery)bank accounts by falsifying information, bank accounts on someone else’s name, transactions on someone else’s names – Mafia activities. Mafia members are taking bribes for creating citizenships for terrorists from other countries and distorting identities of real people. Media, Law enforcement with low morale are also getting involved.

1 Minute synopsis:

This is the heights of India’s R&AW corruption. Shadowy person “e” impersonates another rich person “A”, but “e” has a powerful R&AW equipment capable of spying, whispering etc… and puts the blame on “five eyes”. Now, “e” claims to be living with someone else but shadows and impersonates “A”. Ultimately people start thinking if “A” is someone else, now “e” conspires with some random person or e’s ulterior motive stealing A’s identity.

I can show at least 15 years of clean financials, and more than willing to go through any government audit in India or U.K or U.S.A

Uttam + sriniVAS = UVAS = Identity thieves / helpers of identity theft – psycho, spy, traitors. Their agenda – identity distortion, then making claims, sharing of loot – dacoits percentages of loot – might be their target.

I am NOT associated with the R&AW spies who might have mis-represented and have lied under oath in whatever witness testimony. The identity thieves need illegal immigrants help to support their theories of container / dog travel. I have valid passport, I have immigrated in the past on valid visa and have valid stampings on my expired and current passports. They are psychopath R&AW spies who have did illegal immigration, identity theft, corporate espionage, black money laundering, working illegally, violated human rights, did cyber crimes, did cyber terrorism, etc… For all practical purposes they are hardcore criminals.

My passport(s), bank accounts etc… are clean and ready for an audit from any law enforcement department on any day.

NOT associated with uttam, thota veera, bandhavi, erra diwakar, erra sowjanya, erra sowmya, or any other erra surnamed people, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bojja srinivas (was a friend, but not anymore), gautham (other than a particular colleague back in 2009) bhattaru (know a certain bank employee but no personal relation) or anyone with surnames of “Kanti” or surname of “Kalyan”. My name – Kanti Kalyan, surname – Arumilli.

The so-caled LINE group are either anonymous hackers / spies – either way they are involved in crime. They harass, frame, defame and try to get a false confession by identity distortion they do hacking, defamation, framing, signature forgery, documents manipulation, spying, blackmailing, extortion, bribes, black money laundering, illegal immigration, threats, murder attempts, “criminal deals / favors – monetary or some other form”, etc… an endless list of crimes.

They try to hide their real identities by showing off other people’s identities and ultimately cause identity distortion and identity theft. Why or how can a female travel or work on male’s identity – are Airport security or HR’s blind? How would Diwakar / Srinivas / Veera or whoever’s signature be on someone else’s name, but different on their passports – signature forgery. Who travels like a dog in a flight? Are Airport security blind? Those are cock and bull stories spewed up by a gang of criminals. Why would people use same email address even for signing up on free websites? Or even paid websites? Are they so poor can’t afford own subscriptions – no they are hackers. So many stupid theories and criminal activity behind every such activity. And people think it’s some kind of “top down order – military”, no they are “chaos” and more like organized crime syndicates because they ask people to participate in criminal activities. And what the hell is a identity shifting chameleon’s process? – Identity distortion, identity theft or someone is trying to get away from crime by switching identities – the term they use morning / evening identities / futures exchange / whatever stupid meaningless terms. I don’t know their LINE group or their Youtube / TikTok channels, but I can bet, if I know – I can show criminal activity, what type of crime they are trying to cover-up.

As per India’s law – benami’s are economic offenses and punishable per law. Identity theft happened and the identity thieves cover-up with benami propaganda.

My social networks:

NOT associated with the odour / order / hakeem / hukam / whatever name(s) of the psychopath terrorist organization.

The founder, CEO and Chief Data Protection Officer Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli, me, myself was never involved in any such conspiracies.

Proof of identity theft, cover-up via alternate propaganda of such false allegations.

  1. Whenever me and my family have purchased we had identitiy documents with our name, I can bet, the identity thieves do not. I personally can show 10th class marks list not necessarily identity document but a state issued document dating back to 1996 with even description of moles on face and clearly mentioning sex.
  2. I can show my first, but expired passport issued back in 2002.
  3. They tried to cover-up by attempting to distort identity with several fake aliases, cluster of false identities etc… and whatever code words of “a”, “ek”, “ok”, “okay”, “tu” and whatever identity exchanging propaganda. And falsifying i.e as though someone else’s wife is living with me etc… i.e so people would think in a wrong way, even use of spy cams via invisible drones – R&AW (Research And Analysis Wing) equipment where some extremist wings misuse the equipment in a Mafia style (Hint: After few years, they would put the blame on someone else, catch them and claim to have solved an international crime – in other words, pathetic job security tactics of shameless, gutless R&AW spies)

My Facebook –

My LinkedIn –

A probable hypothesis of what might have happened. R&AW operated as 3 groups:

  1. Infiltrator
  2. Identity Distorters
  3. Defamers

The infiltrator did the identity theft.

The defamers used media, news channels by shadowing, spying, false propaganda, handling of ecommerce transactions etc…

Identity distorters distorted the identity.

Few examples:

  1. My name Kanti Kalyan, Surname – Arumilli – fake identity distorters – Kanti Kalyan, Arumilli Kalyan.
  2. Construction workers, tourists, B1, pilgrim visa’s identities are used in a cluster – obviously distortion.
  3. If uttam’s wife / veera’s girlfriend / someone else claims to be living in my apartment? People would assume the person in the apartment might be uttam or veera etc… – distortion.
  4. Handling of ecommerce transactions (Amazon, Deliveroo, Zomato, Courier such as Fedex, UPS), shadowing and signing on receipts, parallel resume submissions, fake evidences of living together by using spy camera’s, signature forgeries – identity distortion.

The so-called “es”, zinnabathuni, veera, uttam, diwakar / karan / kamalakar, “is”, “already” belong to the identity distorters group.

Over 20 rogue R&AW traitor spies specifically who might have been blacklisted, did identity distortion to help some other R&AW spy infiltrate and probably even security clearances.

Erra, Thota, Zinnabathuni, Bojja surnamed people, Uttam, Veera, Karan, Kamalakar, Karunkar, Diwakar, Bandhavi are psychopaths, I mean literally psychos. They did signature forgery and have claimed to have exchanged identity. What the hell is exchanging identity? Ask them to show the signature on their passport. My passport from India R4542950 has my signature. My youtube channels are mentioned below, if anyone else shows my videos or my identity documents then they are the shadow spies – uttam, thota veera, erra whatever guy, bojja srinivas. If they show my passport or use my signature, obviously they are scammers (More like hardcore criminals). They are NOT my clients, if they say they are clients, then they are the identity thieves, because all the expenses were beared by me – the Founder, Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. They have some law enforcement connections and Mafia connections and they are not associated with me or my start-up.

I don’t know of anyone by the names of Arumilli uttam or Arumilli srinivas, might be part of some other Arumilli family.

List of authoritative & official sources of information – apart from and sub-domains. (Anything else might either be a jealous hater failure’s propaganda – like whatever LINE chat group of OTP thieves, shadows, spies, anonymous hackers, miserable pathetic low life’s who have nothing better to do with their pathetic life except for impersonating other people – criminals who have gamified identity theft, Thota and Erra’s Youtube / Tiktock channels etc…):

  1. LinkedIn
  2. FaceBook
  3. InstaGram
  5. Personal Youtube Channel
  6. Startups’ Youtube Channel
  7. Human rights violation blog
  8. Human rights violation web page
  9. Official Registration Information of the startup.
  10. Official Registration Information of the founder.
  11. Ladders – Current location Vizag, India. Ladders does not allow outside of USA address.
  12. Founders Github repo
  13. ProductHunt
  14. Founders Podcast
  15. Startups’ Github repo
  16. Company Anouncements Blog
  17. Company Technical Blog
  18. Older Technical Blog – No longer updating
  19. Personal Twitter
  20. Startup’s Twitter
  21. Startups’ LinkedIn
  22. Startups’ Facebook
  23. And few more relevant websites – do a Google search on my name – “Kanti Arumilli“.
  24. WhatsApp / SMS / PhoneCall – +1-480-347-6849 / +91 – 789-362-6688 / +44-07718-273-964
  25. EMail(s) –,,,, (few more personal non-general purpose e-mail addresses are not shown here.)

Founder & CEO Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli’s official Youtube Channel – Don’t believe the erra / yerra / thota / uttam / zinnabathuni / bhattaru / bojja / bandhavi propaganda.

I am NOT in the so called LINE group of hackers / spies / human rights violators.

My signature in live video, R&AW spies did signature forgery. I have the signature even on my past expired passport issued in 2002.

My signature in live video, R&AW spies did signature forgery

A simple Google search reveals the truth – Kanti Arumilli, the Founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Services Limited.(click and see, almost entire 1st page relevant)

As of now, no other employees / interns. NOT giving any partnership to the R&AWMafia aka Terrorist Odour spies – erra’s / yerra’s / thota’s / zinnabathuni sowjanya / erra sowmya / erra sowjanya / erra diwakar / kamalakar / kareem / karan / uttam / thota veera / bojja srinivas / bandhavi / bhattaru’s / golla’s.

Shameless terrorist R&AW spies who are harassing elder citizens of India – Bojja Srinivas, Erra / Yerra Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakar / Kareem, Erra / Yerra Sowmya / Sowjanya, female’s who claim to have a first name of Kanti, Uttam, Thota Veera. For all practical purposes they are terrorists as in terrorizing people and doing multiple crimes.

Signature forgeries, identity theft for illegal immigration and green card! Bojja Srinivas and few others… Ask them to make purchases on their own name and own identities rather than on my name. And switching of identities what a pathetic joke by loan defaulters.

Signature forgery does NOT make them original! Similarly they signing on my receipts just means they are criminals, doing signature manipulation to get away from loans or identity theft or some other crime!

Not associated with erra’s, yerra’s, thota’s, diwakar, karan, zinnabathuni sowjanya, mukesh golla, bhattaru’s, bojja’s, uttam’s, bojja srinivas, thota veera, bandhavi, sowmya, ishita code names R&AW spies – “ok”, “okay”, “is”, “tu”, “cu”, “es”, “again”, “already”, “os”, “bs”, “au”, “vu”, “boguswaram”, anna bianca jones (was my MBA classmate but seems to be associated with the dacoits) female identity thief kanti’s – the same set of beggars who begged for ransom and I am NOT giving anything to the ransom beggars, I don’t know if my parents (79 years & 72 years) are succumbing to the dacoits pressure.

Whatever their youtube channel of lies and LINE group of liars, hackers, spies, identity thieves, shadows and criminals. If I know the content or the URL, I would have enough proof to get them arrested.

These illegal immigrant, spies try to blame the five eyes, why would five eyes support illegal immigrants and criminals who have lied under oath and did lot of criminal activity for cover-up?

Identity theft makes them criminals not millionaires.

NOT associated with erra’s, thota’s, uttam’s, srinivas’s, bandhavi’s, zinnabathuni’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s. They did identity theft, identity distortion, framing, signature manipulation, signature forgeries (compare signatures from passport, previous immigration paperwork etc… My signature has been the same since my first but expired passport issued in 2002) , false accusations for framing and defaming. Identity theft happened and then shadowed and tried to distort identity, then they made false accusations of property theft and all of this because some R&AW spy did identity theft, illegal immigration and probably green card scam. Moreover spun up stories about “process”, “some female shadow spy who came on tourist visa as though living with me”, “traveling like dogs and / or in containers”, some illegal ex stories, percentages, quarters, parallel transactions, stories of some socialist community known as all, etc… In other words endless spiral of lies to cover up identity theft, illegal immigration and most likely green card scam.

The following list of people are not associated with me or my company, they can be considered as a hate group of criminals, illegal immigrators, people with the sole personal agenda of identity theft by identity distortion and gamification of identity theft. They have violated human rights and probably even identity theft. I am Kanti Kalyan Arumilli, a simple Google Search reveals my public profile: Google Search Link.

  1. Any person with the following surnames: Thota, Erra, Yerra, Zinnabathuni, Bhattaru.
  2. Bojja Srinivas was my friend but not anymore, similarly Mukesh Golla
  3. Any person with the following names: Diwakar, Karan, Kamalakar, Karunakar, Uttam (a certain Uttam was a colleague few years ago at Infomagnus LLC, Hyderabad, India), Sowmya, Veera, Raghava, Srinivas, Mukesh, Bandhavi.
  4. Any female by the name of Sowjanya living in London. Specifically with surnames starting with B, C, D, E, I, J, M, N, T, V, Z.
  5. Whatever the code names of India’s R&AW spies – “os”, “so”, “in”, “an”, “on”, “at”, “already”, “just”, “is”, “tu”, “eka”, “ok”, “okay”, “bulldog”, “es”, “e”.
  6. Any female identity thief with a first name of Kanti.
  7. Some cuban Michael or Ray or whatever, just a paid goon of India’s R&AW spies.

*Some of the above mentioned people even sometimes use my surname – Arumilli, for example the rogue Diwakar tries to claim to be part of my family but that terrorist was never part of my family.

Shame on India’s R&AW spies, India’s Diplomat’s who come overseas for identity theft and human rights violation of Indian citizens.

They distort and mix other people’s ecommerce deliveries, bank accounts, credit / debit cards, shadowing and signing on receipts. They do this to distort identities and then do identity theft and claim to have won identities as though identity theft is a game. In reality, they have gamified identity theft.

Thota Uttam, Erra Diwakar, Thota Veera, some cuban ray or michael and whoever the so-called Srinivas are terrorists (terrorist odour?), impersonators. They shadow and show some of my purchases and framed me. But in reality, they are my enemies. I did NOT give them any cheques nor take any cheques from them. NOT associated with any B/E/I/Z Sowjanya’s or Sowmya’s, nor any female’s who claim to have my first name of Kanti. Although I know few Sowjanya’s, they are not in London, and one of them are directly related with me.

I don’t know any illegal immigrant construction worker, but I heard there was R&AW spy construction worker who did targeted identity theft and defamation. The world’s most cunning, psycho, sadist construction worker who did illegal immigration, signature scams, money laundering, privacy invasion, hacking, identity theft. He and another group of atleast 12 people have been harassing me for several years almost 24×7 using a very powerful spying equipment capable of seeing, recording, hearing, whispering and even mind-reading.

Whatever the socialist / communist group of “all”, I am NOT involved, neither my business.

Here is the biggest comedy of the situation, they shadow me and sign on some of my receipts. Although I have made transactions on my debit/credit cards, they would sign and cause identity distortion.

Fact: NFC payments DO NOT require signature.

The greatest thing about the above fact, the founder & CEO of ALight Technology And Services Limited does not believe in propaganda and is intelligent enough and has enough brains to distinguish noise from facts.

Some Erra, Thota, Bojja, Bhattaru, Golla, Zinnabathuni surnamed people, Uttam, Srinivas, Veera, Diwakar, some erra kalyan, Sowmya, Bandhavi, few different female’s who claim to have my first name of ‘Kanti’ are terrorists, identity thieves, human rights violators, hackers, spies, impersonators – this company does NOT belong to them. And who the hell is a erra kanti and few other b/e/i kanti (females)? Some stupid so-called “player” who does not even have the common sense to differentiate between a game and crime(s) such as identity theft? “Common sense”, being able to make the right decisions are what differentiates us, humans, from the rest of the species on planet earth. If there are any female’s who claim my identity i.e with a first name of Kanti, I would definitely sue them in court. If law enforcement favors them, over facts, the females might have s*cked some …. I know few different women by the name of “Sowjanya”, but none of them live in London. The above list of impersonators are violating human rights by harassment, identity distortion, caused major financial, mental health and physical health damages. For those stupid people, identity distortion is a game or a rogue R&AW spies super secret critical mission. As far as I am concerned, just some stupid, silly people who have nothing better to do with their lives and psycho-sadists. Can anyone explain when and how did impersonation and identity theft become a game? As far as I am concerned, it’s crime. Any level headed person would have the same opinion.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli’s personal mobile numbers: +44-07718-273-964 (U.K), +1-480-347-6849 (U.S.A), +91-789-362-6688 (India) can be contacted via direct phone / SMS / WhatsApp. As of now no clients or income, all the expenses are beared by the founder from the founder’s bank accounts i.e either United States based Bank of America account or India based ICICI bank account both the bank accounts are very clean money sources. And I do have business bank accounts with Wise and Tide in United Kingdom. I have no other employees, I am the sole person working for the company. Similarly 100% ownership of the company.

If atleast a dozen R&AW agents do human rights violation on an Indian citizen just for a Green Card (based on illegal immigration) / stolen H1B extensions (illegal immigration) / a TEA scam (Black money), what would they do if someone offers them 50 crores? Would they sell the millitary secrets of India? That’s why I call them traitor’s of India! Who knows they might even help in importing terrorists from enemy country’s for a smaller amount. How did India recruit moral-less, gutless, shameless, non-patriots? In the bigger picture, if they are patriotic, they wouldn’t violate human rights. In the grand scheme GC / H1B / TEA are not worth harassing or violating human rights. If they are extremely greedy and extremely poor then they might get tempted. But if they are poor to begin with, they were not successful. How can they expect to be successful with a TEA / GC/ H1B? If they were successful, why would they change identities? Success, career are associated with identity, if they are switching identities and giving stupid names for such crime as “process” or “morning/evening” they are obvious failures. With their spying equipment misuse they are dragging down successful people down to their level.

DO NOT TRUST the SCAMMER R&AW (known by other names such as All, Order, Hukam) onLINE impersonating spies. I hate the bad odour anyway. They are criminals involved in pros*itution, identity theft, hawala i.e money laundering, illegal immigration, human rights violation, impersonation, lying under oath. They have very powerful equipment, if anyone tries to expose their scams, they make false accusations, steal identities and do virtual harassment and defamation.

I know they have did some signature related scams, as far as I am concerned, my signature is the same and I can even show the same signature on my 1st but expired passport from 2002 issued in India.

I don’t have any affairs with any models nor are my U.S.A based bank account or India based bank account associated with any model. If any so-called model is trying to claim my bank accounts – I can show A file from USCIS, IRS Tax Records. If some money launderer wanted like Erra’s or Thota’s are trying to cover up their black money laundering by impersonating me, that’s their problem. All of my purchases are on my very own name from bank accounts on my very own name and emails / phone numbers associated with my very own name.

The list of those rogues are (Very few if any in the following list might be innocent, but very less probability:

  1. Erra / Yerra Diwakar, Karan, Kamalakar, Karunkar – don’t know his exact name but a rogue R&AW spy from Andhra Pradesh, India (my very own state) – tall and lean guy.
  2. Thota Veera – another rogue R&AW spy from Andhra Pradesh, India
  3. Uttam – One of them looks like me and most likely the identity thief. The primary culprit, who not only is trying to steal my identity but trying to frame me as him. He might be claiming to be me or as though working in my company but no. No employees or contractors or interns yet.
  4. Srinivas – Bojja Srinivas but sometimes Uttam enacts like Srinivas.
  5. Few different Sowjanya’s of the following surname initials: B, Bhattaru, C, E, Erra, Zinnabathuni – except for one particular Sowjanya (the innocent Sowjanya – my spouse – Sowjanya Konudula aka Sowjanya Arumilli after marrying me, not by birth.) What type of women would try to say someone else is their husband or ex? I don’t know what sort of identity distortion and what sort of defamation these stupid women are doing.
  6. Mukesh Golla – can’t confirm but if he is in anyway elated with the Erra couple or Zinnabathuni Sowjanya then he is definitely one of the primary culprits.
  7. Anna Bianca Jones (was my classmate at Hult International Business School while pursuing MBA)
  8. Few different female’s who claim to have a first name of Kanti. – pros*itutes doing se*ual favors to R&AW agents and together trying to steal identity and inheritance and if I am not mistaken might be trying to do LifeLock scam.
  9. Erra Sowmya or Sowjanya or Kanti – not necessarily the primary culprit but definitely one of the culprits and whoever her helper erra kalyan.
  10. Zinnabathuni Sowjanya
  11. Bhattaru Sowjanya or her name/identity is being misused by any of the above.
  12. Any person by the name of Bandhavi whether Thota Bandhavi or Erra Bandhavi.

They are identity thieves, they try to cover up by spreading rumors of dog travel, and container travel, they even stole some of my documents – my Aadhar and my TSYS Acquiring Solutions offer letter issued in 2008. I have relevant A file from USCIS and even several Facebook, LinkedIn contacts and I797’s. They even impersonate and show off some of my ecommerce transactions and food delivery transactions in some kind of Youtube channel and I don’t know their youtube channel.

To the best of my knowledge one of the above mentioned rogue R&AW agent or his girlfriend or spouse shadows me and tries to frame me as the rogue R&AW.

Whatever the youtube propaganda channel of rogue R&AW agents is the evidence of shadowing, signature manipulation, identity theft, framing, defaming, harassment, spying and hacking.

The Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakr / Thota (Field) / Uttam bastards don’t work for me and I did not participate in their economic offences of identity exchanging loan defaulters/life insurance scams. As a matter of fact, Uttam, the rogue R&AW identity thief even tried to steal my hard-earned money – my 401k and IRA, which I have earned between 2008 and 2016 while working in United States on valid H1B visa.

Comedy of the situation, the pi*p and pros*itute who tried to steal my identity tried to do some propaganda as though they registered my company and sent money. There is NO truth in any of the LINE propaganda, more lost opportunities, loss of potential clients and defamation due to the terrorist odour aka extremist section of R&AW (Research And Analysis Wing) propaganda.

The official Youtube channels are:

If anyone knows whatever this supposedly super famous LINE group and Youtube channel of Erra or Thota surnamed members or whoever is an E Sowjanya or whoever who claims to be living with me or Uttam / Diwakar / Veera’s Youtube channel please let me know the URL via Contact. I am NOT involved but the psycho sadists misuse some spying, invisible drones for impersonation, harassment, and identity theft. Because they use the Youtube channel for spreading false propaganda and even mixing some of my purchases with theirs and for framing and defaming.

Huge Disclaimer

UVAS = Uttam + sriniVAS – rogue R&AW agents who gamified identity theft and helping some other R&AW spy identity thief. another long 30 – 40 pages length page exposing India’s R&AW spies illegal immigration and corruption.

NOT part of any extremist/communist/terrorist/organized crime organizations by the name(s) of Order/Hukum/All. They are R&AW spies and misuse powerful surveillance equipment for identity theft, and human rights violation. The equipment is capable of hidden video recording, hidden speakers and even mind-reading capabilities. The following list of people are the offenders and I am NOT associated with them:

  • Erra / Yerra surnames
  • Thota surname
  • Zinnabathuni surname
  • Bhattaru surname
  • Erra Diwakar / Karan / Kamalakar (Worst offender) (Probable identity thief)
  • Thota Veera (Worst offender) (Probable identity thief)
  • Uttam (Probable identity thief) – except Vankaya Uttam
  • Bandhavi
  • Diwakar (Probable identity thief)
  • Any female with a first name of Kanti
  • Bojja Srinivas or I. Srinivas (Probable identity thief)
  • Any female by the name of B/C/D/E/G/I/M/N/T/V/Z Sowjanya – the particular Sowjanya, my spouse is a different person.
  • Sowmya

Don’t know the meaning of spies “code words” – “as”, “is”, “again”, “already”, “eka”, “ass”, “es”, “lick”.

Please do NOT believe the R&AW spies propaganda onLINE. They are a group of anonymous hackers/spies/human rights violators etc… They shadow, impersonate and possibly even steal, show identity documents and put identity documents in place. Please look into,

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Do NOT trust scammers, verify employment by using the contact form.

There are some India’s spying agency R&AW (Research And Analysis Wing) agents who have some corrupted reasons for maligning my company and spreading wrong information.

Corrupted R&AW online – not associated page specifies the details of the criminals. Do not trust the spies online who use advanced surveillance equipment capable of seeing, recording, screenshotting, whispering and even mind reading. They are state trained and sponsored hackers, in my case targeted hacking, impersonation, identity theft, harassment are happening.

Official company information from Government of U.K’s website.


Events that I would be attending in person, this is to inform the people of the real Business Networking events that I would attend in person, and not to fall for the scams/impersonations by “Ministry of External Affairs of India” sponsored R&AW agents for cover-up of some major immigration/money laundering scam by encouraging identity theft/anonymization in the form of “Players”, “Yuvas”… Any personal social / dating/alumni / partying events would not be posted here.

Upcoming Events


Not associated with any of the following people:

  1. Thota surnamed people – terrorist
  2. Erra surnamed people, terrorist
  3. Uttam whatever surname is a terrorist, identity thief
  4. Sowjanya – except for one particular Sowjanya, I don’t know anyone by the name of E. Sowjanya or E. Sowmya or B/C/D/E/I/J/M/T/V/Z Sowjanya.
  5. Bandhavi whatever surname – terrorist
  6. Karan / Kamalakar / Diwakar / Divakar / Kalyan / Karunakar – terrorist
  7. Bojja Srinivas was a batchmate and friend, but not anymore
  8. Mukesh Golla was a classmate 1998 – 2002
  9. Anyone by the name of Arumilli Srinivas
  10. Code words – “just”, “is”, “so”, “already”, “again”, “os”, “veerat”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “ok”, “okay”, “good”, “u”.
  11. Zinnabathuni surnamed people – terrorist
  12. Any female with a first name of Kanti – identity thief and terrorist
  13. I am married but separated i.e still legally married and I don’t have an ex-wife. Whoever the females who are claiming to be ex or whatever might be using some black money and trying to cover up the source of black money.
  14. Whatever this so-called socialist/communist “all” group, I am not associated with, yet those commies try to frame me but changing membership cards at the tilt in co-op etc…, shadowing, impersonating, showing some of my e-commerce purchases along with their purchases, they are just a mess of financial offenders. Their contribution and value-proposition to society are just economic/financial offences such as credit card/loan defaults, insurance scams etc…
  15. I don’t know what is an “eye witness testimony” but yes apparently some R&AW agents did some illegal immigration and lied under oath. To cover up they are impersonating and even have harassed me, framed me, defamed me, did false propaganda.

*I call some of the above as terrorists because they have violated human rights.