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.Net A.I Azure C# LLM NLP

Using C# and Azure OpenAI services

If you have access to Azure OpenAI services, the following code snippet shows how to chat with ChatGPT!

Some general tips:

  1. Secure your networks, i.e use private endpoints inside Azure! Stolen keys can be used by other people if the network is not secured.

This code example is C# version of what’s discussed in https://github.com/AzureCosmosDB/Azure-OpenAI-Python-Developer-Guide/blob/main/05_Explore_OpenAI_models/README.md

The above link is for Python developers, this blog post for C# developers.

var chatClient = new OpenAIClient(new Uri(azureEndPoint), 
       new AzureKeyCredential(apiKey));

var chatCompletionOptions = new ChatCompletionsOptions();

chatCompletionOptions.DeploymentName = "gpt35";

    ChatRequestSystemMessage("You are a helpful, fun and friendly sales assistant for Cosmic Works, a bicycle and bicycle accessories store."));

    ChatRequestUserMessage("Do you sell bicycles?"));

    ChatRequestAssistantMessage("Yes, we do sell bicycles. What kind of bicycle are you looking for?"));

    ChatRequestUserMessage("I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Could you help me decide?"));

var response = await 

if (response != null && response.Value != null && 
    response.Value.Choices != null && 
    response.Value.Choices.Count > 0)


The above code has 3 configuration variables:

  1. azureEndPoint – This is the endpoint from Azure Portal.
  2. apiKey – One of the API keys from Azure Portal.
  3. The deployment name of the model that has been added through Azure Portal.

If the code was run successful, output looks like this:

If there is network connectivity issues, there might be exceptions, if denied due to network security issues errors might be like the following:

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