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A.I Artificial Intelligence Llama LLM

Have you tried Ollama – ChatGPT on your local machine, great software!

Most of you know, from around 2016, I had interest in DataScience/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and even did some courses as a hobby! I am primarily .Net full-stack web developer, but A.I has been fascinating and I have been hobbyist!

In 2021 I started my own startup, 2023 prototyped a concept for a SaaS product known as WebVeta! 2024 – launched an mvp and now is the time to dive into A.I. Over the past 2 weeks, I was experimenting with several different things in A.I both from a development perspective, features perspective!

Over the past 2 days I am playing around with a nice software that allows working with several LLMs from local machine! I would say at least 16GB of RAM, possibly slightly higher.

The setup instructions are straightforward!

On the Github page, under “Community Integrations” -> “Web & Desktop” there are several web and desktop clients for UI, choose one of those based on your operating system and you can play around with a large set of A.I models. The list of models can be found at:

Try llama3, phi3 if you have enough CPU and RAM! Or try the smaller models – tinydolphin, tinyllama! There are several coding related LLMs i.e GitHub co-pilot’ish and there are some Visual Studio Code extensions that can communicate with locally version of Ollama and help with code!

Remember the LLMs need to be downloaded, the exact syntax is provided on the LLMs pages, but the general syntax is:

ollama pull <LLM_NAME>

I have used on Linux, for the client UI!

The client UI’s query and get the available local LLMs and allow specifying / selecting which particular LLM to interact with.

If anyone interested let me know via any of my social media profiles, I might consider doing a small demo for any enthusiasts!

Ollama is a great tool and great effort by the team of developers who developed Ollama! Thank you!

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