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.Net C# Cryptography Security

An overview of RSA for asymmetric encryption, decryption using C#

The RSACryptoServiceProvider in C# provides way for asymmetric encryption and decryption. The encryption happens using public key. The encrypted data can be decrypted only by the associated private key.

The implementation supports keys of sizes varying from 512 bits to 16,384 bits. The larger the key size, the more secure but slower. Depending on the size of the key, the amount of data that can be encrypted would be different.

The public key can be exported and passed for encrypting data. The private key needs to be properly secured.

My open source project LightKeysTransfer uses RSA for encryption and decryption. CryptHelper.cs has the code implementation.

var rsa = RSACryptoServiceProvider.Create(2048);
var rsa2 = RSACryptoServiceProvider.Create(2048);

// code for exporting the public key
var publicKey = rsa.ToXmlString(false);

// code for importing the public key on a different instance

// code for getting bytes from string, there are several other ways of converting text into bytes
var plainBytes = UTF8Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Hello!");

// code for encrypting 
var encryptedBytes = rsa2.Encrypt(plainBytes, RSAEncryptionPadding.OaepSHA512);

// code for decrypting
var decryptedBytes = rsa.Decrypt(encryptedBytes, RSAEncryptionPadding.OaepSHA512);

In a different blog post in the next few days, I would post about TripleDES, I am implementing a combination of TripleDES and RSA for encrypting and decrypting slightly larger data. Larger data cannot be encrypted using RSA!

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