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Getting started with Solr on Windows

This blog post is purely about getting started with Solr. A programming related blog post would be posted later. Getting started on Linux would also be posted later.

Download the latest version of Solr from https://solr.apache.org/downloads.html. As of this blog post the latest release was 9.0.0 and I have downloaded the Binary release from https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/solr/solr/9.0.0/solr-9.0.0.tgz?action=download.

Once downloaded extract the files. For this blog post, I have extracted the files on Windows under C:\solr.

Solr requies Java. Download and install Java from https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/. Set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to the JRE directory.

JAVA_HOME environment variable on Windows.

Now navigate to C:\Solr in command prompt and enter the following:

bin\solr.cmd start

This should start Solr, if not, verify your Java installation and environment variable.

Now navigate to http://localhost:8983/ in your web browser. You should see a web page that looks something like this:

Solr Admin Web Page

You might not see the Core Selector dropdown but the web page should look similar.

Getting started with Solr on Linux.

In a future blog post, we will see how to create cores, define schema, add documents for indexing using C#, how to search through the documents using C#. This blog post would be updated with the links to the relevant blog articles when those blog posts are published.

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Getting started with Solr on Windows

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