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.Net C# NLP

C# .Net, Python and NLP – Natural Language Processing

The available NLP libraries for C# are very less. Some of the best NLP libraries are in Python. There are few C# implementations that either are a re-write of Python’s implementations or wrappers.

If you are serious about any NLP related work in C#, use well-maintained Python implementations and integrate with C#. The wrappers / re-write’s might not have much support.

Let’s look at 2 popular libraries:

NLTK – Natural Language Toolkit

spaCy – Industrial-Strength Natural Language Processing

Both the libraries are well documented and easy to use. i.e even C# developer like me can understand the python code examples provided. And very easy to experiment.

Now here are some ways of integrating with C#:

  1. Have a separate set of micro-services or message based applications for NLP.
  2. Use some of the following libraries that attempt to integrate Python with .Net
  3. Use System.Diagnostics.Process class i.e run the Python program as a separate process.

The integration libraries are:




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