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An abnormal way of logging – open for discussion

While I have been brainstorming about something, some small idea came to my mind. People who would read this blog post would either call me stooooopid or might say nice idea.

Anyway the point is, we use logging for various purposes – mostly for troubleshooting. Very verbose logs are a nightmare in terms of performance, storage, retrieval and digging through for the right information. Sometimes, issues troubleshooting becomes a pain because of inadequate information in logs.

What if we log Info and above under normal circumstances, trace and / or debug in certain conditions such as unexpected expectations or errors?

Here is a brief overview of how this might be implemented – in this case, there is a slight memory pressure.

  1. Collect trace and / or debug into Memory log i.e for example if using NLog, use Memory target.
  2. Have some static method that writes the logs from Memory target into a different log target such as File / Database etc…
  3. In the specific conditions such as exception call the static method and in ASP.Net even implement a exception filter to perform the same.

This might be a win-win scenario i.e collecting detailed information in case of unexpected exceptions and error, for any other normal scenario normal logging. Because memory target is being used, very small performance hit, slightly higher memory usage are the drawbacks.

I would love to know how other developers are implementing or handling such use cases.

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