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ViewComponents in ASP.Net and caching ViewComponents

ViewComponent’s are pretty much like PartialView’s but slightly more useful. ViewComponent’s help in rendering part’s of a web page that can be re-used across the website. Also ViewComponent’s output can be cached. This blog article is going to discuss creating ViewComponent’s and caching example.

A ViewComponent is a public class that has a ViewComponent suffix such as HeaderViewComponent or MenuViewComponent etc… ViewComponent class can be decorated with [ViewComponent] attribute or can inherit from ViewComponent class or any other class that’s a ViewComponent. For example some kind of a BaseViewComponent.

ViewComponent must have one method that gets called.

async Task<IViewComponentResult> InvokeAsync()
IViewComponentResult Invoke()

The runtime by default searches for the Views in the following locations:

The runtime searches for the view in the following paths:

  • /Views/{Controller Name}/Components/{View Component Name}/{View Name}
  • /Views/Shared/Components/{View Component Name}/{View Name}
  • /Pages/Shared/Components/{View Component Name}/{View Name}

ViewComponent gets invoked from cshtml by using: Component.InvokeAsync()

The call to Component.InvokeAsync() can be wrapped inside <cache> tag helper for caching.

With the concepts discussed above, let’s look at a code sample. Assuming you have a ASP.Net MVC Core test project opened. Now add a new class and name the class TestViewComponent in TestViewComponent.cs.

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;

namespace TestProject.ViewComponents
    public class TestViewComponent : ViewComponent
        public async Task<IViewComponentResult> InvokeAsync()
            return await Task.FromResult((IViewComponentResult)View("Test"));

Now under Views/Shared create a folder and name the folder Components. Under Views/Shared/Components, create another folder Test. Now, Views/Shared/Components/Test folder can contain views for the TestViewComponent. Create a new Test.cshtml under Views/Shared/Components/Test and put some random html content.

<p>Hello from TestViewComponent.</p>

Now somewhere on Views/Home/Index.cshtml place the following invocation:

@(await Component.InvokeAsync("Test"))

If you need to cache the output wrap the invocation inside <cache> tag helper.

        <cache expires-after="@TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)">
            @(await Component.InvokeAsync("Test"))

Hope this blog post helps someone!

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