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AWS Security

AWS – Discouraging the use of CLI!

AWS – Discouraging the use of CLI!

After much thought and consideration, I think the use of AWS CLI should be discouraged unless a very very strong VPN authentication and pro-active monitoring are in place.

The reason is, more and more workforce are working remote, accessing the cloud remotely. If VPN connections are not properly secured and monitored, with today’s advanced spying equipment being used by spies for espionage (unfortunately in my case, identity thief R&AW spies are hacking me (Indian citizen) for cover-up of identity theft), it becomes extremely easy for them to log into VPN. And even with restrictions in place, stealing Access Key and Secret Key would be much easier.

Remember the advanced spying equipment has very advanced capabilities: viewing, recording video, screenshotting, listening, recording audio, whispering and even mind-reading capabilities. Lookup https://www.alightservices.com, Corrupted R&AW online – not associated – ALight Technology And Services Limited (alightservices.com),


And the female R&AW agent needs to frame someone as a “ok” or “okay” or “oray” or whatever because the female with the first name of “Kanti” is an identity thief and needs to frame someone or make some absurd claims.

Some of the greedy/criminal people have accepted to act as the so-called non-existent “ok” or “okay” for getting access to the advanced spying equipment – peeping toms, because the female controls the spying equipment.Simple and striaghtforward logic.

Another most important consideration must be no sensitive information should be displayed on the screen.

Accessing AWS services by using properly tested and secure applications that have proper audit and logging should not be a problem in most scenarios.

Hypothetically, let’s say some sensitive data is stored in some dynamodb table and even if read-only permission is provided for access via CLI by using Secret Key and Access Key, there is a possibility of the data getting stolen. But in a proper well-tested application, the sensitive data might not be even displayed or even if displayed may be only masked data would be displayed. Or may even in some very rare cases, the actual data and masked data might be stored separately and maybe the applications just reads the masked data.

For example, irrespective of whether the data is stored in RDBMS or NoSQL database, in a hypothetical situation if some data like credit card number is being stored in a database and some page has to show 100 masked credit card numbers. It would be risky and even cpu consuming to decrypt 100 credit card numbers, and then calculate the masked values. Worst case scenario, if searching millions of encrypted credit card numbers based on last 4 digits. It’s safer to store the last 4 digits.

At least in ALight Technology And Services Limited, I would personally discourage the usage of CLI in most scenarios.

AWS – Discouraging the use of CLI!