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Javascript object destructuring

Modern SPA frameworks use certain javascript syntaxes and concepts for easier development. One such syntax is Javascript destructuring.

Consider the following code snippet:

const person = {
    'FirstName': 'Kanti',
    'LastName': 'Arumilli'


In the above code we have declared an object with two properties and named the object person. The individual properties are accessed and the values are printed to the console.

We can use destructuring to extract the properties into variables.

const { FirstName } = person;


In the above code we have destructured the FirstName property into a seperate variable and printed to the console.

In the following code we can destructure both the properties:

const {FirstName, LastName} = person;

Moreover, we can even assign default variables.

const {FirstName, LastName = 'Arumili'} = person;

This is an important concept and often used in React when using useState() and props. I would write some blog posts later on these concepts.

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