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Some useful Javascript DOM manipulation functions

Most of you know I like sharing my knowledge. Here are some simple but very useful DOM manipulation functions in Javascript.

As part of development for WebSearch, I wanted leaner Javascript and for some part of the development, I am using direct Javascript rather than libraries such as jQuery. jQuery has these functionality and allows easier development. My situation and necessity are a bit different.

var ele = document.getElementById("elementid");
// for getting a reference to an existing element in the DOM

var dv = document.createElement("div");
// for creating a in-memory element.

// for adding an element as a child element of another element = "elementId";
// Setting id of element

// Adding and removing css classes

ele.innerText = "Text";
ele.innerHTML = "<>...M/>";
// Setting text and innerHTML
// caution with innerHTML - don't inject unsafe/unvalidated markup

ele.addEventListener("event", (ev) => {
   // Anonymous function
// Handle events such as click etc...

ele.addEventListener("event", fnEventHandler);
// Handle events by using a function - fnEventHandler

I am hoping this blog post helps some people.

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