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Some tips for securing public facing internal applications

People who have vast experience in I.T know that security is of utmost importance and needs to be implemented in layers. I had a need to secure my Kibana implementation and I want to thwart hackers. I had two options:

  1. Use VPN
  2. Secure the website

Now, the problem very few VPN’s like Cisco AnyConnect support biometric authentication, ElasticSearch/Kibana’s security options are very less in the self-hosted version.

Thanks to Apache web server for the resuce. Apache web server has this plugin known as mod_auth_oidc, this plugin can be used at the web server level i.e the web server takes care of authorizing users. Kibana is hosted at

I think this is a very great feature and everyone must use wherever possible for public-facing web applications that would be consumed by OAUTH2 or OpenID.

Moreover this plugin can easily enable SSO (SingleSignOn) features and all of this with just some basic configuration.

Thank you Apache Foundation and ZmartZone.

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