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.Net C#

File tailer in C#

As mentioned in a previous post – Cancelling all activities at ALight Technology And Services Limited. I am not seriously working on anything within ALight Technology And Services Limited, but I am still .Net developer. I have some internal logging and monitoring implemented. I have used Cloudwatch Agent and Promtail for ingesting logs into AWS Cloudwatch and Grafana. Both are great platforms but I wanted to implement a similar tool in C#. Here is some sample code, explanation capable of doing something similar.

First store the name of file, Creation Date, Size, Last Modified Date. These can be accessed from FileInfo object.

var fi = new FileInfo("path");

Now, in a loop read the file, if new file i.e CreationTime is different read from beginning. If Length or LastWriteTime are different but same CreationTime, do a seek.

long seek = 0;

while(<some condition>)
   using(sr = new StreamReader(fi.OpenRead()){
      sr.BaseStream.Seek(seek, SeekOrigin.Begin);
      var data = await sr.ReadToEndAsync();
      seek += data.Length;
      // Do something with data
      // Store filename, seek in some persistent storage like a file

The above code block shows some sample code for using seek, we would store the variable seek along with FileCreation, Update, Length. Even if the application is restarted, the application would work properly.

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