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.Net C# UnitTests

Moq Non-Invocable Test Setups

Most of you might know Moq library used for unit tests in .Net. General usage of Moq is for stubbing interfaces and verifying method calls are proper with the expected parameters, but Moq can also be used for validating that a certain method has not been called.

Assume you have an interface ISpecialInterface and expecting ISpecialInterface.Method() to be called only when a certain logic happens like an if condition. If you are writing a unit test for the logic to be false, you want to verify that ISpecialInterface.Method() is not invoked.

var mockSpecialInterface = new Mock<ISpecialInterface>(MockBehavior.Strict);

            mockSpecialInterface.Setup(ss => ss.Method(It.IsAny<string>()));

            var sut = new SpecialObject(mockSpecialInterface.Object);

            mockSpecialInterface.Verify(ss => ss.Method(It.IsAny<string>()), Times.Never());

In the above code, mockSpecialInterface.Verify(ss => ss.Method(It.IsAny<string>()), Times.Never()); is the code that verifies the method is not called.

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