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Some nice to have security features in Operating Systems

I think the CyberSecurity market is going to increase multi-fold, because I know the capabilities of the anonymous spies/hackers/mafia’s invisible drone equipment. They would put the blame on “five eyes” etc… But why would “five eyes” help for infiltrating their own countries? Does not make sense. I.T industry under threat by the equipment mafia/spies. Mafia = organized crime! The equipment has been mis-used for organized crime, they can be and should be considered mafia, although rogue R&AW spies. They have even stole money from bank account.

I think Operating Systems should be secure. For example, normal people don’t run servers etc… block incoming connections. Everyone don’t have printers / other laptops in the network. Remote access / admin shares are not needed. When necessary, I.T professionals know what to do.

Create secure filesystem areas for sensitive info for special apps such as VPNs etc…

Password based logins are no longer secure. Enable bio-metric or hardware keys based login and provide the ability to disable password based login. Even mobiles should do this.

Don’t show sensitive information in alerts such as SMS – the invisible drone equipments guys did several OTP thefts on several occassions, They even stole money from my own bank accounts.

Websites should not show config keys etc… in plain text. I think Azure and AWS should allow the ability to export keys directly into KeyVault or SecretsManager etc… For example some blob storage key or IAM role keys – allow specifying the name for storage and directly store.

Seriously the world of computing is under threat from the mafia psychopath’s equipment. They did steal money, they did organized crime, murder attempts, they did try to put the blame on others, they did shadow, stalk, harass, blackmail, threaten etc… Probably signature forgeries, money laundering etc…

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like some of the the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated – “ass”, eass, female “es”, “eka”, “ok”, “okay”, “is”, “erra”, yerra, karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, sowmya, zinnabathuni, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998 – 2002), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998 – 2002), thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas or Arumilli uttam (may be they are part of a different Arumilli family – not my family).

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