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Security Tailscale VPN

A review and discussion of the free tier of Tailscale

Tailscale is a SaaS product offering, enabling easy VPN networks of scale on top of WireGuard. I have been using Tailscale for 2 – 3 months now and I plan to use more Tailscale features soon. This article is not a hands on guide, but more of a discussion on the features.

Someday I might upgrade to the paid plans.

Simple and straightforward installation, setup and thorough documentation.

Tailscale machines can be registered in the network, removed from the console. By default machines need to be registered every 24 hours, but if needed key expiry can be disabled.

By registering machines, the machines are registered in an overlay network and can communicate. The communications, user-access can be configured via policies. I think it’s very important to use –shields-up argument with tailscale up on client machines where we don’t want inbound connections. Considering the anonymous mafia equipment, I think there is a small loophole where a hacker might temporarily gain control a server in some scenarios – I have reported and suggested an alternative way: https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues/8823

tailscale up --shields-up

VPN via exit node:

Although not the primary use-case, one of the Tailscale nodes can be configured as exit-nodes and can be used as VPN with very minimal configuration. This is one of the features, I have been using. I have a exit node in AWS in London region and I use the exit node like a VPN. The reason, I liked this feature is because, I don’t need to open any ports to the public internet or even for my own IP.


Another useful feature, for semi-secure environments such as Development / QA could be SSH. Without opening the ports SSH can be done through Tailscale portal. I have used this feature few times.

WebHook Alerts: Webhook alerts can be used for getting notifications. I have configured Slack for alerts.

Some features, I haven’t tried yet but plan to:

Lock: Locks allow key signing from trusted internal nodes.

MagicDNS: MagicDNS allows an internal DNS. Should be useful for Dev / QA environments, internal applications etc…

Cert: Allows generating certificates based on MagicDNS i.e internal applications can be accessed securely using SSL.

Serve: Spin up a web-server. This can be done from command-line for some quick tests / validations without worrying about web server configurations in Dev / QA environments. For longer-term, I think configuring NGinx / Apache / IIS would be more useful.

SSH Session Recording: This is a paid feature but definitely useful i.e SSH sessions via Tailscale can be recorded.

Tailscale has extensive documentation and should be straightforward for most users.

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