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Ingesting logs into GrayLog

Graylog is a logs only software, very easy to configure and use. There are several nice features, few of the features I liked:

  1. Easy to setup alerts
  2. Easy to setup processing rules and pipelines
  3. Lighter on system resources
  4. Flexible ways of ingesting logs

Like ELK stack, GrayLog can be easily installed, secured for ingesting logs. ELK stack has manageable ElasticAgents i.e client software running on different systems and the client software can be managed from the web interface. ELK stack has support for metrics, GrayLog does not. GrayLog is for logs only and does well.

Installing and configuring GrayLog consists of installing 3 software:

  1. MongoDB
  2. ElasticSearch
  3. GrayLog

The instructions are very easy to follow and are located in GrayLog’s documentation can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link at:

Some of my favorite Inputs are:

  1. RSysLog
  2. Beats
  3. Beats

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