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ELK stack for centralized logging and monitoring

I have mentioned in previous blog articles about centralized logging and monitoring. I have experimented with various metrics collection tools and log tools. Currently all the logs are being ingested i.e collected but no proper analysis.

I have read about ELK stack and based on the articles and the availability of plugins, seems like ELK stack is the perfect choice.

Over the next few weeks I would be implementing ELK stack and would definitely share some knowledge.

In the past I have mentioned about the NIST Cyber Security Framework and as part of implementing NIST Cyber Security Framework and improving the security at ALight Technology And Services Limited, additional logging, monitoring and alerting systems are being implemented i.e ALight Technology And Services Limited’s stance when it comes to Cyber Security is hardened security is the top most priority before any kind of consumer / customer data is stored. This helps ALight Technology And Services Limited’s long term vision of providing several B2B, B2C free, paid and freemium products.

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Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO

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