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This particular page is to clear some misconceptions about my identity and my company and has some harsh words revealing the harsh reality.

I am clean, my company is clean. I don’t mind going through a audit of my personal finances and my companies finances. Do not believe the impersonator’s propaganda in some online group.

Do not read further if you don’t like harsh words, but if you want to know the harsh reality and the harsh truth, please read.

  1. Who would change identities? – Morning, Evening whatever stoopidity?
    1. Undercover law enforcement – but the temporary identity would be temporary, not permanent.
    2. Criminals such as murderers, rapi*ts, terrorists etc…
    3. But I am none of the above. An Indian law enforcement officer or a spy (R&AW agent) who was supposed to temporarily use my identity for whatever reason went rogue. Or my identity thief must be a criminal, whom if caught might sentenced to death or lifetime. Mr. Bojja Srinivas, Mr. Thota Uttam, Mr. Mukesh Golla which of the above categories do you belong to, if you are the identity thief.
  2. Theory of visa extensions:
    1. I worked in United States of America on valid H1B visa at LogicPlanet LLC, TSYS Acquiring Solutions, American Airlines. ESS – Enterprise Software Solutions H1B transfer was approved, but I did not join, because I moved back to India by then. One of the above companies might not have dropped the visa but instead choose to extend the visa and there by the primary reason for 5 years of harassment and human rights violation by the rogue Indian R&AW agents who might have stolen the visa extensions and are creating chaos and harassment to cover-up.
  3. Theory of backdoor entries:
    1. I too don’t know what’s a backdoor entry, but based upon my research into the situation, some R&AW agents go to different countries on different visas such as tourist, pilgrim, seasonal worker (construction) etc… and steal the identities of other Indian’s who are working on valid visas. And to cover-up they harass the target, whose visa was stolen. Shame on India and shame on Indian R&AW! That’s precisely why I think Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization, harassing the same people whom they are supposed to protect.
  4. Theory of female:
    1. How would a female earn black money and do money laundering? I have a very bad theory, but you can form your own opinion. And what if the female somehow convinced a R&AW agent to help her and the R&AW agent choose the female’s whatever favors over harassing an innocent citizen to help her in money laundering? I am thinking more in terms of se*ual favors. Another reason to say Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization violating human rights and India is a terrorist country.
    2. And because the female never traveled, she might be claiming of marrying some Mexican or American. Doesen’t matter what kind of bullsh*t theories, because eve in those cover-up stories there is illegal immigration. In other words even with bullsh*t stories they can’t prove anything, because this is a classic case of identity theft, harassment, human rights violation and illegal immigration.
  5. Theory of alternate Sowjanya’s:
    1. There might be some other pros*itute Sowjanya with a surname of B, C, D, E, Z etc… who might have did some money laundering and needed a cover of white money trail for cover-up. My Sowjanya Konudula became Sowjanya Arumilli after marrying me (Kanti Kalyan Arumilli). We got seperated sometime in August 2019 but never divorced. So I don’t have nor ever had an ex. Some low life might claim to have had a divorce settlement, but in reality whoever is that low life is not my ex and most likely the rogue R&AW agent’s sl*t. And most likely the so-called settlement money is the female’s black money. What kind of services did she offer that are not legal and can’t give a proper reason to the government? S*xual pleasure?
  6. Dog Travel:
    1. Who on planet earth travels like a dog? Hypothetically let’s say an Indian R&AW agent for whatever reason traveled as a dog. Let’s say hypothetically Indian airport security allowed the R&AW agent. What happened to TSA and U.S.A immigration officials? Why would they allow a spy to travel like a dog? So dog theory is just propaganda to cover-up identity theft because the so called dog travelers would not have stampings on their passports. Need more evidence to say Indian R&AW agents are identity thieves and harass the targets and violate human rights? WTF is a “Yuva”? The so called “Yuvas” gamified identity theft. Which country on planet earth would send a ambassador for identity theft? The grand answer: India. Need more proof to say that Indian R&AW violated human rights and R&AW is a terrorist organization and that India is a terrorist country?

If the rogue R&AW agent instead took commissions from the s*x worker, can the rogue R&AW agent be called a pimp? So, the rogue R&AW couple must be PGP – A techie like me would think Pretty Good Privacy, but in this context Pimp, Gig*lo, Prosti*ute.

I heard about some kind of parallel law in some kind of online group. If they are the culprits they are not law they are anarchists. “online law” is “online anarchy” of hackers, otp thieves, anonymous ass*oles impersonating other people. More like chi*d porn, revenge p*orn, money launderers, terrorists, smugglers, drug paddlers etc… like mafia but not mafia, more like mushtia (beggars union association). R&AW – operating from shadows, in other words Indian R&AW agents are trained to be impersonators. When one R&AW agent goes rogue, the rest of R&AW agents are supposed to do damage control, but in this context, rest of R&AW did damage expansion.

Last but not the least, which country on planet earth would try to kill it’s own citizens to protect a someone who might have went on tourist visa and might have illegally worked as a escort or stripper? And which intelligence agent on planet earth would help the escort / stripper to cover up by harassing, impersonating, helping in identity theft, impersonator syndrome on whatever Youtube channel etc…?

I have a passport issued by the Government of India back in 2002 what is the earliest identity document that the female pro*titue identity thief Kanti / Kanthi have? I have a valid 10th class certificate issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India issued in 1996 stating that I am a male. If the female claims to have changed sex, where are operation related details or where the operation related marks on her body? (There would be some kind of surgical related body marks) Also my United States of America bank account in the United States has me (Kanti Kalyan Arumilli) and Sowjanya Konudula as the account holders. If the so-called female Kanti is claiming to be a lesbian, please remember that same-sex marriage is illegal even today in India.

Female Kanti / Kanthi and the rogue R&AW agent who has sex*al favors weakness just go and surrender instead of harassing me.

Shame on Indian R&AW agents for living a gutless, shameless, hopeless life by impersonating.

Because of these culprits, I have been job less for the past 5 – 6 years, thanks to my parents and my elder sister, I was able to pursue a M.B.A and trying to re-build my career. Even while studing M.B.A, while working on my own startup, while trying to find a job, you R&AW bastards have been harassing me and doing false propaganda. Is your sl*t that important?

And there is this alternative theory of some secretive organization known as Odour! As far as I know, odour means bad smell! I don’t like a bad odour. And I don’t have a bad odour 🙂 and I don’t like girls with bad odour 😉

As far as I am concerned I have the same signature since at least 2002. My first passport (expired) issued in 2002, has the same signature. My PAN, second passport (expired), current passport, PAN card, U.K student visa BRP card have the same signature. If an Indian R&AW shadow agent did signature scam and continued the impersonation for identity theft for 5+ years, the R&AW agent can be and should be considered as a criminal. If that’s how R&AW agents operate i.e choose a certain Indian citizen as a target and hide in the shadow, harass the targeted Indian citizen just because they don’t want to be caught and for personal reasons, Indian R&AW should be considered and should be treated as a terrorist organization for violating human rights. For all practical purposes, the Indian citizen whom the R&AW agent has chosen to shadow for a lifetime is being harassed (In my case, I am being harassed) and the harassment is so much that human rights are being violated. If there is any truth in the above statement, I am not the only victim, there are millions of victims, I am one of the gutsy people to speak up in spite of several hundreds of death threats and a few murder attempts. If millions of Indian citizens are being impersonated, harassed, framed by R&AW agents – shame on India(the largest democracy on planet earth) for violating human rights. If there is any truth in the above statement Mr. Samantha Goel can be and should be considered like Osama Bin Laden.

I don’t have any association with the following list of shadows, impersonator’s, terrorists who act as though my money is theirs by handling my deliveries or showing my things and imposter syndrome. Some of the following list of people were my friends, but not any more.

  • Bojja Srinivas
  • Bhattaru Sowjanya
  • Arumilli Sowjanya (if she claims to have born in the Arumilli family, because I don’t have any sisters by the name of Arumilli Sowjanya. My wife became Arumilli Sowjanya by marrying me, not by birth.)
  • Thota Uttam
  • Thota Bandhavi
  • Thota Veera Raghava
  • Thota Naveen
  • Erra surnamed people
  • Mukesh Golla
  • Kamal Anand Jigatala
  • Zinnabathula Sowjanya
  • C Sowjanya
  • E Sowjanya
  • Anybody with a surname of E
  • Karan / Kamalakar / Karunakar – whatever the rogue R&AW terrorists name.
  • There is no one in my family by the name of Arumilli Karan or Arumilli Srinivas or Arumilli Uttam.
  • Any other female with a surname or first name of Kanti / Kanthi

I am not associated with the so-called online whatever group of annymous spies. Because they are spies, they shadow someone and claim to be someone else without revealing their real identity. One of the rogue spy is shadowing me and harassing me, but I am not involved nor part of that dirty group of whatever online group. This group claims to have begged or asking for vaatas (share), but in reality this group of anonymous hacking spies, OTP thieves take ransom. And these people say give / take. Even a beggar on street takes.

My financials are clean, no vaata (ransom) or money laundering. Please do not trust the online group of false propaganists.

I don’t have any fake aliases, nor any virtual aliases like some of the the psycho spy R&AW traitors of India. NOT associated – “ass”, eass, female “es”, “eka”, “ok”, “okay”, “is”, “erra”, yerra, karan, kamalakar, diwakar, kareem, karan, sowmya, zinnabathuni, bojja srinivas (was a friend and batchmate 1998 – 2002), mukesh golla (was a friend and classmate 1998 – 2002), thota veera, uttam’s, bandhavi’s, bhattaru’s, thota’s, bojja’s, bhattaru’s or Arumilli srinivas or Arumilli uttam (may be they are part of a different Arumilli family – not my family).

Mr. Kanti Kalyan Arumilli

Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO
Arumilli Kanti Kalyan, Founder & CEO

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